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CPR Trenton Division

Peterboro, Havelock and Bobcaygeon Subdivisions

D4g 428 CPR 12/1912 Tweed 12/24/1945
Donald M. Wilson/James A. Brown Collection

D4g 434 CPR 12/1912. Tweed, Ont. Bruce Chapman Collection

439 CPR 1/1913 Lindsay, ON 6/23/1958 J.R.Quinn

Extra 891 (CPR 1/1911) Pontypool, ON. August 8, 1956 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection

Extra 1087 West has just arrived West Toronto from Havelock on Monday, November 9, 1959.

Inbound engines were left at the coal chutes when going off duty at Lambton.

The next day's train 82 to Havelock, leaving Lambton with another D-10, one that was to become famous; 1057!

Above three photos by Bob Shaw, CPR Retired.

2224 hustling through Sharbot Lake displaying green signals.

G1 class 4-6-2 2224 backing onto its train after making a lift from the yard in Perth
while working the Havelock-Smiths Falls Way Freight. Fall 1958. Bill Sanderson

2231 eastbound with the Havelock Way Freight at Peterboro May 4, 1956

This engine hauled a Royal train in 1919.

2816 with smoke deflectors (elephant ears). Lawrence Stuckey/L.B.Chapman Collection

P1e 5142 eastbound is likely Fourth Class No. 90 due Peterboro 10.10 Daily.
Saturday, March 16, 1957 Raymond F. Corley/James A. Brown collection






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