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R.T.C. Order No. (unknown) was issued May 9, 1986 permitting:

Transfer to CNR of two tiny segments in Kingston between Mileage 101.85 and 102.09 along with 100.28 to 101.01. This would allow local customers to be served by CNR. Following this transfer, with 35 days notice, the balance of the line between Mile 65.3 (Tichborne) and 100.28 could be abandoned.

The transfer apparently took some time to accomplish during which time CPR continued to run trains about twice a month the last being on October 10, 1986 engine 1827.

A final R T C Order No. R-40110 was issued slightly altering mileages and turning over to CN just one small segment likley due to the loss of another customer, with the track being sold to CN while the land was leased to them. What customer(s) were served is unknown.


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