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1954 Oldsmobile 98 coupe

Buick's and Olds' were the automobiles made at the new GM plant.

Collection of Kris Roenigk

Extra 2206 West just west of Leaside with Automobile box cars (CP294893 next to engine).
These are 40 foot cars with 15 foot double doors, hundreds of which were just built in 1957,
those with white stripe on door indicates equipped with Evans Auto Loader device
which raised an automobile up towards the roof in each end of car to doubledeck them.
This is likely the Trenton Pickup returning home, 2206 was the regular engine on this
assignment with engineer Alf Moore. August 22, 1957 W. G. Carruthers

GM Special trainload of new automobiles destined to Dueck on Broadway in Vancouver. c.1956-58
This pair of GM passenger A units were laying over (or held) at John Street and likely just took
the train as far as Lambton Yard to be added to a North West train such as 953 or 965..

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