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CPR Smiths Falls Division

Smiths Falls, Ontario
Mile 123.8 Winchester Subdivision

H1b 2814 MLW 68533 12/1930 Smiths Falls 2/02/1947 Yves St-Hilaire Collection

G5c 1262 looking fresh out of Angus! Less than 12 years old. CLC 2358 11/1946
Smiths Falls August 1958 Aubrey Mattingly Collection

G1f 2230 Cyl. 20" x 28" Drv. 75" Press. 250 lbs. new boiler. (Rebuilt 8/1922) CPR 3/1913
One of eight 2200's assigned to Smiths Falls. September 3, 1951 Smiths Falls Doug Wilson Collection


2219 one of only three G1's retrofitted with a stoker after the end of new steam locomotive construction.
It is Easter Sunday, 4/17/1960 and the end of steam is very near. Edward J. Ozog

D10b 686 (685-699 15 engines) MLW 39366 1/1906 Smiths Falls 1932 Walter Pfefferle Collection

1255 sits in snow near the end of the steam era. 2/29/1960 Don Mc.Queen Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

1255 in her younger years and better days!

4214 C-424 MLW 84852 7/1965 Smiths Falls 6/17/1995

5847 with Dual Flag paint scheme. GMD A3511 12/1977 Note: All 5800's were built with Locotrol.
Sold 6/2017 Cando CCGX 5305.


STLH 5690

RS-10 8599 on the table. 4/1993 Gordon Taylor

Hostler checking dog which holds table aligned in place.
7025 going out on local freight to Brockville. Smiths Falls, June 28, 1980.

First of 4th order (7025-7030 6 units). Alco 73383 6/1945 Retired two years later.

Early style CP Rail paint scheme with Multimark on cab and number on car body.
Equipped for road service with combination pilot, illuminated front number board and
chime air horn as required by federal regulation. Still with plain (friction) bearing wheels.
Note former housing for two way radio use by switchmen on side near side number board.
This was covered with a piece of canvas flap for bad weather. Pre-portable hand held radios.


M4 3415 taking water. Note bell hung up! Bruce Chapman Collection
Note old style headlight with built-in illuminated numberboard and usual brass one underneath.

Early view of Smiths Falls roundhouse. CPR Archives

2822 has seen better days hauling the best passenger trains. Now it is near the end of the steam era in freight service.
Ready to haul an eastbound freight back to Montreal. (Sister 2820 would make THE last run 6 days later,
roundtripping from Montreal on June 24th.) Smiths Falls 6/18/1960 Don Mc.Queen

Here she is just 3.9 miles out of the Falls eastbound crossing Rosedale Creek.
Rosedale Mile 119.9 Winchester Subdivision. 6/18/1960 Don Mc.Queen

2399 was one of the last passengers engines out of John Street in Toronto
(#24/23 Toronto-Trenton-Ottawa. Last run was No. 23 on Saturday June 28,1958).
Downgraded to freight service out of Lambton. Leap Year 2/29/1960 Don McQueen

Spotless 2396 looking fresh out of Angus! A Glen Yard assigned engine.

2332 spreading the yard same day. Leap Year 2/29/1960 Don McQueen

Trestles were a common way to spot hopper cars by gravity for unloading.

Foot steps to and from the fire hydrant tell of watering steam generators on units such as 4072.
2/05/1966 Bud Laws Collection

MLW FA1 4025 on the table seen from inside with steam engines on either side of an empty pit.
6/06/1959 Don Mc.Queen

Much of the roundhouse was demolished in 1963 leaving only what you see above which included 7 stalls
(6 of 120 feet and one of 100 feet. Al Howlett October 5, 1972

P1n 5111 on the table in 1950. Addy Schwalm/Bruce Chapman Collection

Note: This engine is shown doubleheading with 2819 on page one of this article.

3408 on shop track. Smiths Falls August 20, 1958 Al Paterson/Bud Laws Collection


M4a 3408 taking water. (MLW 29871 11/1904) Smiths Falls 7/19/1958 L.B.Chapman Collection
Note: 3408 transferred 3/1959 to Ottawa West

M4h 3546 CPR 5/1909

M4h 3553 (CPR 10/1909) in yard service, and equipped with a slope back tender off a switcher.
Smiths Falls July 5, 1947 George Parks Collection/courtesy Bruce Chapman

6925 0-8-0 yard engine. Tender capacity 5,000 gallons water and 6 tons coal. c.1950's Dunc du Fresne

V4a 6933 Cyl. 22 1/2" x 28" Drv. 52" Press. 180 lbs. t.e. 42% r/b 6/1929 (ex 3466 2-8-0) CPR 4/1907
Complete with winter cab window! Sitting at ash pit. Conveyor hidden behind engine between domes.
5/5/1959 A.B.Crompton/Bruce Chapman Collection




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