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Canadian Northern station became a joint-use facility when the C.P.R. built its new main line
through Belleville on a Joint Section of track for about three miles.
After abandonment of the CNoR's Ottawa-Toronto main line it became a C.P.R. facility.

Very early view of CNoR passenger train before it became a joint section.
Library & Archives Canada/Collections Canada

CNoR passenger train in an early view with a horse-drawn bus.
Public Archives 12554

Here is the station from the street in later years, after CPR passenger service had ended (January 1966).
Note the Voyageur highway coach. November 1972, Bruce Ballantyne. It was demolished in the mid-1970's.

Three views (above and below) of this very substantial structure, typically no longer needed following discontinuance of passenger service and just waiting for demolition. July 1976 Arnold Mooney

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