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Guelph Junction Gallery

383_181 with van 4900

180 in its new paint scheme.

OSRX 180 (ex CP 1860) RS-18 MLW 82450 4/1958 smoking it up as she and 505
pull a long train from Guelph Junction yard next to CPR Galt Subdivision.

505 (ex CP 8021) RS-23 with a custom cab track motor car!

383 (ex SOO 383) EMD GP7 and MLW RS-18 181 switching in Guelph Junction. June 13, 2003 Shaun Arthur

Note the new logo on the nose. This is the only unit with it. Unit was breaking in the new paint job before returning to its regular assigned location of Clarkson. It was displayed at the Junction for passengers on the CPR Empress 2816
excursion the next day.

OSR enginehouse at Guelph Junction, built 2001, 50 x 175 feet, 3 tracks can hold 2 units each.

Scenic view of rock cliff near Eramosa River in Guelph. Spring 1998. Dave Hooten

181-183 GuelphJct.
yard track Goderich 2.
October 2000

181-505 switching empty storage Procor tankcars at Moffat. Spring 1999

505 (ex CP 8021) handling 12 car train in 2000.

Above three photographs: Dave Hooten

1860 (RE#180) & van 4900 (ex CP 434900) Guelph Jct.

181 northbound at Corwhin.

180 on wooden trestle south end of Guelph.

180 at Woolwich St. & Speedvale Ave. in north end of Guelph.

183 at Guelph Jct.

502 (ex BCR 502)

OSRX 4900 (ex CP 434900) at G.Jct.

4900 repainted for GJR
(only piece of equipment so marked)

CP 8013 at Guelph Jct.

383 at Guelph Jct.
(ex Soo 383)

647 646 (ex BC Rail)
Guelph 6/03

Maintenance truck with Hi-Ab hoist, at Guelph Jct. 7/30/98 ©Gerald Harper Altamont Railroad Photos

Above photographs Brian D. Switzer except as otherwise credited.


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