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Toronto Transportation Commission

The Beginning September 1, 1921.

The TTC was formed to take over ownership and operation of the Toronto Railway a privately owned streetcar system of Mackenzie and Mann who also owned a number of local and radial lines of Toronto and York Radial Railways including the Metropolitan Division as well as Toronto Suburban Railway local and radial lines. The TTC also included Toronto Civic Railways already owned by the City of Toronto to serve expanding areas in different neighbourhoods often unconnected to each other and requiring separate fares. It was a massive undertaking that was accomplished in a relatively short time.

Yonge Street extension replacing service formerly operated by
Toronto & York Radial Railway - Metropolitan Division
See also North Yonge Railways

Eglinton Car House new facility due to above extension.

Track construction and rehabilitation across the system

New streetcars (300) and (200) trailers CC&F and Brill.

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