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Danforth Bus Lines Ltd.

North York Bus Lines

All photographs James V. Salmon Collection/Toronto Public Library
unless otherwise credited.

40 signed for school run a 1945 Flxible (became GCL 600) North York garage

Danforth Bus Lines 45 a 1947 REO 96HTD built right in Leaside! Danforth Ave. (at Elward Blvd.) garage. June 10, 1954

Note the Kaiser, Willys, Henry J dealership across the street. Makes of automobiles long gone. Kaiser Motors founded in 1945 as Kaiser-Frazer there was less than a year before they stopped making automobiles. Willys (acquired the year before) would continue utility vehicle production (jeeps) for some years before being sold to American Motors of Rambler fame. Kaiser was a front wheel drive car and the Henry J (Kaiser) was a compact. Both ahead of their time. REO built Kaiser cars (1,360 of them) in Leaside for just one model year, 1951, when the Korean War intervened and military demands took precedence. This was an era when every makers automobiles looked different and you could instantly tell one from another. Now, you can't tell one from the other since they all look alike.

North York Bus garage Dufferin Street in North York. 1953 Jack Knowles/ Rob Pineault Collection

North York Bus garage 3687 Dufferin Street east side north of Wilson Avenue. April 1953
Automobile in the foreground is a coupe. These came in a business coupe with no rear seat, a club coupe with two rear foldaway jump seats and a coupe with two rear seats.

North York 73 one of only a few buses lettered for NYBL which was just a name used by Shoniker for this operation.

Advertisement card at front is for R.H.Blair & Co. REdfern telephone exchange.

Rear advertisement card: North End Cleaners & Dyers free pickup and delivery.
This was a common service available to the household along with delivery of milk and other dairy products such as cream, whipping cream, butter etc. Bread was another common delivery product also ice for kitchen ice boxes in the era before electric refrigerators. Coal for your furnace. Pop by the case. Javel water. All were available from multiple companies in cities.

NYBL 79 a 1951 Twin acquired 1952 from Forest-London Bus Lines. (became TTC 1723).
Rear advertisement: C.A.Fraser Ltd.

NYBL 80 a 1951 Twin acquired 1952 from Forest-London Bus Lines. (became TTC 1724).

Danforth 29 a 1942 Ford 19B at North York garage. July 1953

Danforth 51 and 57 old Fords at North York July 1953
Advertising sign if for the National Home Show Automotive Building at the CNE.

Danforth 64 a 1950 Twin Coach signed St.Clair & Vaughan to Weston. North York garage September 1953

64 at Danforth garage. Lots to see in this photograph. Ad signs on bus: rear $1.00 down buys Goodyear tire; front,
Woodbine Races 2 pm today. Out-of-province plate on old car at right. Truck number 64, at far left, an armoured car or
just a delivery truck? Henry J automobile dealer. Glenn S & Wooley Company plastic dishware division with TV antennas
on roof. Dry Cleaners with Sudden Service in 9 A.M. out 5 P.M. Far right; G. Cook shoe repair IT shoe polish sign.

DBL 86 signed Claremont. North York garage. May 22, 1954

DBL 87 at Danforth garage. May 26, 1954
Note license plate.

DBL buses and coaches after sale to TTC/GCL

TTC 1723 ex DBL 79 Parkdale garage 1954. Rob Pineault Collection

TTC 1700 ex DBL 65 a 1949 Twin Coach already renumbered on last day, June 30, 1954. Parkdale garage.

TTC 1728 ex DBL 82 a 1952 Twin Coach. Signed for Cliffside route Luttrell Midland. 1955

DBL 86 to become TTC 1709. 1948 Twin Coach interurban. TTC Parkdale garage. June 30, 1954

TTC 1711 ex DBL 88 a 1948 Twin Coach interurban on Mossom Rd. April 26, 1955.
Nee: Quebec Central Transportation 23
Advertising cards are for Brown's Taystee Bread and rear for Natural Gas.

GCL 629 ex DBL 89 a 1948 Twin Coach interurban. TTC Hillcrest shops November 28, 1957

TTC 1770 ex DBL 93 a 1950 Fitzjohn last one bought, signed for O'Connor route Danforth Elswick.
Coxwell terminal. March 24, 1955

GCL 602 (ex DBL 48) 1945 Flxble Clipper 3/16/1955 Sherbourne garage

GCL 629 (ex TTC 1712 ex DBL 89 ex AL 24 nee QCT 24) 1948 Twin Coach
Grey Coach parking lot on Elizabeth Street at Edward Street near Toronto Bus Terminal October 1, 1955
Acquired 1953 from Autobus Laramee, 20-24 Sherbrooke PQ, (nee Quebec Central Transportation 20-24)


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