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Hollinger Bus Lines

All photographs James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library Baldwin Room unless otherwise credited.

Offices and garage. Woodbine Ave. and O'Connor Drive, East York. March 1953

GECo "geeko" housing was an after WWII reuse of many buildings used by
General Engineering Co. a munitions factory with 172 buildings on 346 acres.
Thousands of women worked there 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.
Located south of Eglinton Ave. E. east of Warden Ave and Sinnott Rd.
This was opposite the area that later became known as the Golden Mile.

Rob Pineault Collection

Hollinger terminal 1606 Danforth Ave. (north side) between Coxwell Ave. and Woodington Ave. July 18, 1954
Built 1948 for Hollinger and used by TTC until 1966.
Inter-city buses to Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal stopped here.
Bus Terminal Diner

16 signed Lansing Rd with window card Don Mills. 1940 Fitzjohn Cityliner suburban. Only one on roster.

70 a 1950 Fitzjohn Cityliner. 33 seats. (others 64-42-66) Woodbine garage parking lot. June 9, 1954
Advertising cards are for Woodbine Races 2 PM today. Rear ad: Creeds fur cold storage.
In left background; Leveiller metal mouldings etc.

75 a 1951 Fitzjohn Cityliner (became TTC 1759) on Woodbine Avenue. HBL garage behind bus. 1954

HBL 79 1951 Fitzjohn Cityliner Woodbine Loop June 8, 1954
Southeast corner Strathmore Blvd. (1 block north of Danforth)
Ad card at front: Modern Motors Chrysler Plymouth.
Rear ad: York (Canada Packers) canned meats. Always ready.

80 a 1952 Fitzjohn FTG 35 seats (others: 64- ?? -34) June 3, 1954

88 a 1952 Fitzjohn FTG June 3, 1954. Ad; York canned meats. Woodbine races 2 PM today.
Note all the tall TV antennas on homes in the pre-cable days.

Two views of 89 at the TTC Broadview loop just north east of Danforth Ave. Note the East End Taxi a "radio cab".

89 became TTC 1780. Both photos: June 9, 1954

92 a 1953 Fitzjohn FTG the last bus bought by Hollinger. June 9, 1954
Ad at rear: $1 down Goodyear tires. Front: Len's Automart new and used cars. HOward 3073

From left: 64 a 1949 Fitzjohn Cityliner. 68 a 1950 Fitzjohn Cityliner, ad: Woodbine Races.
34 a 1944 Ford. ad: Gibson Cleaners. 47 a 1947 Ford, signed COLLEGIATE. June 3, 1954

Note all the TV antenna on each roof (better than rabbit ears!) long before cable TV and satellite dishes.

Service truck. 72 a 1950 Fitzjohn Cityliner signed SCHOOL BUS. 61 a 1943 Ford. April 1953

Note the different paint scheme on the front of the two buses in the left rear of photo. March 1953
Only bus number visible is 43 this side of automobile. Ad on far right bus: 20" Coronet TV.

All of these old Fords appear to be out of service. They were all scrapped by TTC. Note that all are parked with rear engine compartment easily accessible to rob for parts. At far left: 22, 52, 55 and 57, 33, 60 and 50. Ad: Canada Savings Bonds. Note the second small license plate a requirement for Public Carrier Vehicles. June 3, 1954

62 a 1949 Fitzjohn Cityline suburban (no rear exit door) with 35 seats was assigned to the highway run to Mount Albert.
It was specially equipped with fog lights, spotlight and two way radio. June 3, 1954

62 in downtown Toronto on Bathurst Street north of Dundas Street West near Nassau Street in front of
Toronto Western Hospital. Not sure what it is doing there. Saturday, May 29, 1954.

HBL 48 1947 Fitzjohn Duraliner Signed for Lansing Road. Farthest bus signed Collegiate.
Woodbine Garage southeast corner O'Connor Drive looking southeast. June 9, 1954

Hollinger coaches and buses after sale to TTC.

TTC 519 ex HBL 38 a 1944 Ford Transit signed INDUSTRIAL LOOP. To its left is West York Coach Lines 32 signed KINGSVIEW. To its right is 760 signed EGLINTON a Mack. Next, 903 signed School Special. Two Grey Coach buses. Sherbourne Garage April 17, 1955

TTC 1774 ex HBL 83 still in old paint. Parkdale garage 1954 Rob Pineault Collection

TTC 1748 1950 Fitzjohn ex Hollinger 71 still in their paint with TTC logo on side. TTC Parkdale Garage June 24, 1955.

TTC 1771 ex HBL 80 (see above) now in TTC paint. Signed O'Connor Danforth Eglinton.
TTC (ex Hollinger) Woodbine Garage March 24, 1955.
Ad front: Lowney's chocolate bars. Rear ad: Income tax time. Mail early.
Billboard B/A gas 88 (regular) and 98 (super).

TTC 1781 (ex HBL 90) 1953 Fitzjohn FTG. First of three new buses received just prior to takeover.
Signed Mortimer Broadview Coxwell. Note the arrow turn signals. March 24, 1955
Ad: New competative rates for modern clean natural gas now in effect.
Coxwell terminal (ex Hollinger) on Danforth north side between Coxwell and Woodington Ave. 1 block east.

Newtonbrook Baptist Church ex Hollinger 15 an old REO.
Steeles Ave. W. southside and west of Yonge Street. April 13, 1955

Newmarket Coach Lines

NCL 29 (ex HBL 49 acq. before TTC takeover) Fitzjohn July 8, 1957



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