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by Raymond L. Kennedy

RBL 2 on Keele Street at Vine Avenue in front of Subway Hotel. Library and Archives Canada

Roseland Bus Lines Ford 19B on Roselands route is in front of the Subway Hotel on Keele Street in the Junction. It will back around onto Vine Avenue, then swing left to go north on Keele under the subway (underpass) beneath the C.P.R. West Toronto yard. It will then proceed via Weston Road to Mount Dennis and Roselands. Streetcar tracks are those of the T.T.C. used by the Weston Road cars whose terminal was slightly to the rear of the photographer. April 1953.

J.V.Salmon Collection Toronto Public Library Baldwin Room
Courtesy of West Toronto Junction Historical Society

Keele Street north of Dundas Street West. Here we see West York's Eileen Avenue route bus loading passengers
going home in York Township from "The Junction" shopping district. On the opposite side of the street just south of
Vine Avenue in front of the Subway Hotel a Roseland bus is likewise loading passengers bound for
Mount Dennis and Roselands. 1953 Jack Knowles/Rob Pineault Collection

Subway Hotel is neither named for an underground subway (not yet built) nor Subway sandwiches!
It is named for the subway in the background (note the white stone abutment) passing beneath the CPR
railway tracks. All such structures were called "subways" at least until the TTC built a subway you could
ride on. Now usually called an underpass. Note too the floodlight tower in CPR West Toronto Yard.
Blank wall of large brick building at right is the rear of famous Heintzman piano factory.

Note: At some point in time, possibly by the time this photograph was taken, the Subway Hotel became a rooming house
until more recent years when in 1986 an arson fire set by a resident turned deadly killing another resident. This uncovered
an allegedly illegal windowless extra floor between floors! Demolished afterwards the land is still vacant to this day.

Highway coach 6 in Niagara Falls May 1947 Julian Bernard
Side lettering: Coaches for charter LY 7172
Telephone exchange was LYndhurst, a York Township exchange for the office.

Highway coach on Weston Road at Lambton Avenue.

That house in the background is still there!
1001 Weston Road January 2013.

39 Fitzjohn on Bexley Crescent looking to East Drive. 1954
Toronto Public Library/James V. Salmon Collection.

Roseland Bus Lines was a small independent operation , it served a part of York with a single route and operated an interurban route between Weston and Woodbridge, It was owned by David R.Murray, and apparently was not even incorporated as a business back in those simplier years!



Weston-Woodbridge service commenced.

May 10,1926

Toronto Suburban Railway abandons its interurban service between Weston and Woodbridge.

June 13, 1942

Roselands service started between the Junction (Keele & Dundas) via Keele Street, Weston Road and Lambton Avenue to Jane Street. June 21st War time restriction cuts it back to start at Northland Ave. (City Limits).

November 1,1944

War-time restrictions lifted, service returns to the Junction business district with buses wyeing at Keele and Vine Ave.

September 11,1946

Woodbridge service extended on some trips to Pine Grove.
Also, in 1946 service extended through Weston from Humber Street to Lawrence Avenue. .

July 1954

Acquired by T.T.C.

Roster of buses at time of T.T.C. takeover

Make Model Seats Year Type Condition Disposition

2 Reo School 25 1941 School Fair scrap
6 Fitzjohn Duraliner 28 1947 Interurban Good GCL 616
10 Fitzjohn FTG 35 1952 Suburban Good TTC 1766
12 Ford 19B 29 1940* Suburban Poor TTC 528
NOTE: Acquired 1947 from London Street Railway 93

20 Ford 19B 27 1942* City Poor TTC 529
NOTE: Acquired 1947 from London Street Railway

24 Fitzjohn Cityliner 35 1947 Suburban Good TTC 1752
NOTE: Originally a Demonstrator

26 Prevost 49PU33 33 1949 City Good TTC 1785
28 Flxible 33B148 33 1948 Interurban Good GCL 610
30 Flxible 33B149 33 1949 Interurban Good GCL 611
32 White 706M 25 1938 * Suburban Poor TTC 530
NOTE: Acquired 1950 from a Catholic convent in Hamilton

34 Prevost 50P133 33 1950 Suburban Good GCL 618
36 Fitzjohn Cityliner 35 1950 Suburban Good TTC 1753
38 Fitzjohn Cityliner 35 1951 Suburban Good TTC 1754
39 Fitzjohn Cityliner 35 1951 Suburban Good TTC 1755
40 Prevost 52P133 33 1952 Interurban Good GCL 619
42 Prevost 52P133 33 1953 Interurban new GCL 620

NOTE: Roselands suburban service assigned 12, 20, 24, and 38
Woodbridge interurban service and charters, all other.

NOTE: Final acquisition was 9 buses, 6 coaches and 1 scrapped.


Total value of 17 buses was $167,000,depreciation was on a straight line basis with 12 years' life. Properties added another $70,247,50. Goodwill and everything included totalled $600,000 for acquisition by the T.T.C.

This was a cosy little business, what with the "office" in the owner's home, a job and a car for the owner and a profit as well! It provided employment for a manager (the owner), 9 drivers and 7 others, 4 of whom were also drivers. The 54 year old Manager and one 45 year old driver both had 24 years service on February 1,1954. Net profit of the business ending December 31,1953 was $14,109.51.


Garages were located on a T-shaped property at Weston Road and Lambton Avenue in Mount Dennis. Addresses were 980 and 1004 Weston Road. A 33x100 foot brick garage over 50 years old with a 32' x 33' concrete block addition, 10 years old. Another 41' x 110' concrete block garage built in 1947 was located at the rear of 6 Lambton Avenue where a 2 storey brick house, over 60 years old was being rented to an employee.

Two-storey, 6 room, 20' x 30' solid brick home and office at 6 St.Marks Road (note the coincidence of this number!) was said to be "in a splendid state of repair throughout and in a desireable residential area", which was in the Jane and Annette Sts. area. This house was 18 years old, valued at $17,675 and 1953 taxes were $200.93!

Routes and Service

Roselands suburban service between the Roselands area of York Township, Mount Dennis and the Junction business district of West Toronto.
Buses "wyed" at Keele Street and Vine Avenue in the Junction and operated north on Keele and then Weston Road to Lambton Avenue in Mt.Dennis, then west along Lambton to Jane Street and Bexley Crescent to East Drive, the Roselands area.

SERVICE was daily from 6.15 a.m. (10.45 a.m. Sundays) until 12.15 a.m. Trip time for the 5.38 mile round trip was 30 minutes, headway (frequency) was 15 minutes in rush hours and 30 minutes at all other times and on Sundays. This required 1 bus in Base service, 2 in A.M. rush and 3 in P.M. rush.

RESTRICTION: Prohibited from handling local passengers in competition with the T.T.C.
This would be within the City of Toronto along Keele and Weston Road between the Junction and Northland Avenue which was the City Limit.

FARES: Roselands; Prior March 9,1951 Adults: 5 cents (11 tickets for 50c)
Children: 3 cents
After March 9,1951 Adults: 10 cents (3 tickets for 25c)
Children: 5 cents

Woodbridge interurban service between Weston, Thistletown, Woodbridge and Pine Grove.
Operated from Elmsmere Avenue (between John and King Sts. north of Lawrence Ave.), north on Main Street (now Weston Road), and along Albion Road through Thistletown, then Wodbridge Road (now Islington Avenue) to Highway 7 in Woodbridge with certain trips extended north to Gamble Street in Pine Grove. On return buses ran down Main Street, east on Lawrence to South Station Street, north to John Street, west to Main and north to Elmsmere.

SERVICE was operated daily from 6.30 a.m. (8.30 Sundays) until 11.00 p.m. Trip time for the 15.75 mile round trip was 60 minutes, headway was 30 minutes in rush hours, 60 minutes at other times, except after 9.30 p.m. it was 90 minutes. This required 1 bus in base service and 2 in rush hours.

RESTRICTION: Prohibited the handling of local passengers within the Town of Weston in competition with the Town's own service operated for them by the T.T.C.

FARES: Weston to Thistletown; Adults 15 cents Children 10 cents
Weston to Woodbridge; Adults 25 cents Children 15 cents


Route Annual miles Passengers Revenue Expenses Profit

Roselands 96,000 506,000 $38,000 $34,000 $4,000
Woodbridge 102,000 312,000 65,000 37,000 28,000
Charters and 200,000 120,000 74,000 46,000
Special services (school)
Total 398,000 223,000 145,000 78,000

Buses and coaches after sale to TTC/Grey Coach Lines

Roseland 32 1938 White and 2 Reo 1941 school bus
along with a Danforth and Hollinger. All out of service along with a working
TTC 1512 signed for CHURCH route and Bloor Scott end points.
Sherbourne Garage. September 4, 1954
James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

Roseland 26 signed Woodbridge a 1949 Prevost. TTC 511 ex DBL 44 1946 Reo signed Lyn.
TTC Parkdale Garage. 6/30/1954 James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

Grey Coach Lines 611 (ex RBL 30) 1948 Flxible Clipper. Sherbourne Garage 3/16/1955
Note the B/A Oil service station sign in the background. Also, Shell oil.

James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

GCL 618 (ex RBL 34) 1950 Prevost. Edward & Chestnut near Toronto Bus Terminal. May 1, 1955
James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

You've heard the expression; Seen better days! Formerly Roseland 7 an old Reo.

Langdon Coach Lines #11 originally owned by George Watt's-Woodbridge Bus Line later taken over by Roseland and called Weston-Woodbridge Bus Line 7. Sold to Langdon in 1948 and numbered 82, in 1950 renumbered 11. Traded in to Reo at Leaside 1953. Sold to Dixie Auto Wreckers 1954. Photograph at Dixie, July 1/1955
James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library



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