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Parking lot 2987 Dundas Street West one block south of the garage.
Owned by Power Food Markets Ltd.

44 a 1947 Fitzjohn Duraliner, 24 signed for Malton and an old Reo. May 29, 1949 Julian Bernard

491 and 490 1949 Twin Coaches signed for Bloor Jane Malton and Bloor Jane Malton. April 4, 1953
Note Shell gas pump. Sign on fence: Morris Oxford $1890.
James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

In the background is James Hall built 1888 it contained the council headquarters on the second floor along with an assembly hall and offices while lodge rooms were on the third floor and retail stores at street level. It received a major restoration of its exterior in 2007 bringing back its impressive appearance and enhancing a historic building.
April 4, 1953 James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

472 signed Dundas & Keele - Malton. 1947 REO
ex Bluebird Coach Lines 23, Woodstock. Acquired 1951.
Sold 1953 to Greer Transportation Co. Barrie
August 1953 James V. Salmon/Toronto Public Library

Well-worn 1942 Ford Transit bus 28 signed for Eileen (Keele-Dundas Scarlett Rd) route.
Twin 483 at left. Parking lot south west corner Pacific and Dundas. September 1953
J.V.Salmon Collection Toronto Public Library Baldwin Room

Lots to see in this scene including the automobiles (note the Austin A40) and roof top TV antennas. Note the T.T.C. Stop (complete with periods!) painted on pole, standard method for many years. Metal sign on pole No Parking Within 120 feet of Car Stop. Note too the open style of newspaper vending box which depended upon honesty to put coins in small box. Behind the bus is West Toronto Music Co. store at 2989 Dundas a long-time Junction business selling musical instruments, sheet music, the famed RCA Victor radios as well as Westinghouse Refrigerators and Radios; note the clock indicating 12.48 p.m.! Businesses on the north side of Dundas include (right to left) Jak's Style Fashions, Murray's (paint), Gold's Specialty Shop, Kingsley Furs at 2996, Henry's Tailoring and Ready to Wear, Gang's Furs at 3006.


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