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The Watt Milling & Feed Co. Ltd. on the Old Bruce, south side of Royce Avenue opposite Osler Street. 1910
Viceroy Rubber would later locate here. L.J.Turofsky, Alexandra Photo Company

Toronto Auto Top and Body Co. Ltd. was located in this new building as well as the building to the right which also bore lettering for The Watt Milling and Feed Co. Both were on the north side of Royce with a siding off the Old Bruce. 1910
L.J.Turofsky, Alexandra Photo Company

Note: Toronto Auto Top and Body was a sideline of Watt Milling developed around 1910, with its output of dressed lumber, woodwork etc. it supplied open touring car bodies for the nearby Chevrolet Motor Car Co. of Canada Ltd. (Inc. Sept. 1915) facility of William C.(Billy) Durant on the south west corner of Churchill Avenue (Perth Ave.) and Addison Road (Kingsley Ave.) on the north side of the North Toronto Sub. between West Toronto Diamond and the Northern Diamond, with a siding off of it. This plant was formerly the Dominion Carriage Co.Ltd. makers of horse-drawn vehicles. The Chevrolet Tourer 490 an open touring car selling at the time for $490 in Flint, Michigan; later, $650 F.O.B. Oshawa. The nearby Glidden Varnish Co.Ltd. supplied finish for the Chevrolets. Planned for 15,000 automobiles a year, it was short-lived at this location (October to December 1915) as Durant took over General Motors in 1915 and production transferred in December to the Mc.Laughlin Carriage Works plant in Oshawa, soon to become General Motors of Canada Ltd, incorporated November 1918.

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