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Avon Loop

TTC 4750 operating on the PM Only Rush Hour Only extension of St. Clair route to Avon Loop. Note the time (4:10 P.M.) on the Lyons Furniture store sign. Some St.Clair cars operated on this extension for about 20 years after trolley coaches replaced Weston route streetcars. This service ended with the opening of the Bloor-Danforth subway line on February 25, 1966 as did many complete streetcar routes. Note too the paving stones along the tracks, this once was a good way to discourage motorists from staying on the tracks! Although signed for Northland loop, car is actually north of Northland and just short of Avon Loop, about five short blocks apart. Northland became a short turn loop for Weston Road trolley coaches. Streetcars were removed from Northland Loop due to complex overhead wires that would have been difficult or impossible to put up. Destination signs were made of linen and would have been expensive to redo for such limited usage. Passengers would not have been confused over the short distance. July 10, 1965 Joseph Testagrose Collection

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