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Humberside Avenue

TTC 7 open top double deck bus on route 1 the first TTC bus route. It ran from here to High Park Ave. then north to Annette Street beginning September 20, 1921. By the time this picture was taken it had been extended (Dec5/22) west to Jane Street.
Note wye track. It was intended to extend this as a streetcar route however, it was never built, the bus era had begun.

TTC 1 route 1. Evening rush hour. Note the orderly lineup! No wonder a streetcar line was planned. The first four busses were built by Fifth Avenue Coach Company of New York City and were similar to ones operating there. They seated 22 inside plus 29 on top, they were powered by a four-cylinder 35 horsepower engine and had solid rubber tires which were typical at the time. Four others were later built by four different companies. There were a total of only eight such double deck busses on the TTC. They only lasted a few years. A small garage was built not far away on Howard Park Avenue. See below.

Dundas Street West just below Humberside Avenue

Wallace Avenue footbridge over CPR Galt Sub. and CNR Weston Sub. tracks and the once Toronto, Grey & Bruce, at Dundas Street West and Glenlake Avenue north of Bloor Street West. This structure was built in 1907 to provide a way to reach streetcars here at the City Limits between Toronto and West Toronto since Bloor Street did not extend west of Lansdowne Avenue.

Looking northwestward towards Humberside Avenue just beyond this view.
Wallace Avenue footbridge with original double stairs. Sunday, October 23,1932
Tiny Cities Service gas station remained for decades later.






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