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St. Clair Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario

St. Clair Avenue West between Keele Street and Caledonia Road.

MAP 1928

Showing Dovercourt, Bay, St.Clair streetcar and Jane bus routes.

This map shows how three railway main lines cross St. Clair Avenue West on level crossings.
CNR and CPR did not allow street railways to cross their tracks for reasons of safety.
A deadly collision on Queen Street East emphasized this danger.

In the short distance depict two separate crossings spread apart which required
streetcar riders to walk between loops until grade separations were finally built.

Caledonia Loop

TTC 2704 starting its trip eastbound.

Looking west on St.Clair at Prescott Ave.

Prescott loop.

Bridge is completed but without landfill for tracks. Nor any streetcar tracks. July 1931

Note track removed curving to left into Prescott Avenue loop closed October 29, 1931 after only being opened on
November 12, 1922. New CNR St. Clair station is out of sight to far left on east side of track.
It replaced the original Northern Railway of Canada's Davenport station a short ways
to the south (right) on east side just north of CPR diamond.


CNR St. Clair bridge opened May 14, 1932
A unique method of construction detailed.

St.Clair Avenue Mile 5.2 CN Newmarket Subdivision. Looking south. 3/13/1977 A.W.Mooney

TTC 4764 (acq. 11/1957 ex KCPS 769) St.Louis Car 1946. Westbound at Prescott Ave. Circa August 1972.

Note: TTC acquired 30 of these cars (re# 4750-4779) from Kansas City Public Service Co. last of 159 PCC's
sold off to Philadelphia (40), Tampico, Mexico (10), and Brussels, Belgium (79). All were assigned to Wychwood
car barns allowing 30 older PCC's to be reassigned elsewhere which resulted in retirement of 30 old Peter Witt cars.


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