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(Not that department of corrections!)

One of the great things about this website is hearing from our readers, or "visitors" as they are known in the www. Especially when they provide additional information or photoograps or corrections to what we have written. All too often old photo scans come with little or no caption or even a credit. Sometimes I pass over these photos because of this lack of caption. Other times I endeavour to write something myself often with the aid of a select following of railroaders or railfans who are knowledgeable in various matters especially something in their own baliwick. At times Bruce Chapman will forward my plea to those he feels are most likely to have knowledge in the particular location. Some time ago Bud Laws a frequent contributor of photo scans he has acquired over the years sent out a nice shot of G5 class 1258 at Montreal West. Although dated it did not identify the train and this is where I decided to enhance the experience of visiting the Old Time Trains website. Bruce sent out a message on the party line (emailed) and got back a respone that seemed to fit the scene and so I wrote it up.

Recently Jeff Forrest a visitor who lived in Montreal West from 1955 to 1963 riding and railfanning these trains wrote to say we were wrong. He felt the train shown was not Number 180 from Ste. Therese as it was on the wrong track. Rather it was
just a suburban train from Rigaud. Again, the jungle telegraph was sounded and amazingly we heard from someone who rode the train THAT DAY! Here is what Ron Ritchie, CPR retired; had to say: "It happens that I rode # 180 from BN (Montreal West) to WJ (Windsor Station) that day and the motive power was 2426, as it had been for some time. The 1258 was obviously on a Rigaud or Vaudreuil commuter. Don't be fooled by the presence of a combo. I wouldn't be surprised if the smoke rising above the second car on the commuter train was from engine 2426!" ...... AMAZING!

I NEVER consider it nitpicking when someone writes to offer their view of what we have written. Please continue to do so.

Raymond Kennedy





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