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CPR Stittville, Ontario


Some big occasion from the looks of the well-dressed people standing around. Circa 1900.
Note the horseless carriage! Aubrey Mattingly/CS&TM

G2 2518 with No. 556 from Chalk River drifting to a stop at Stittville (CPR spelled it wrong!) station in Stittsville, Ontario. Baggageman ready to handle express or, just getting some fresh air! Mother and child waiting for someone arriving on the train or, just watching it. No date or caption unfortunately. The open cab is not a clue since 2518 retained its open cab until
the end unlike other G1 and G2 class engines. Bud Laws Collection

No.1 1402_1903_1429 with 13 cars coming and going westbound at Stittville, Ont. August 28, 1965
Two photos: Clayton Jones

Note: No 1, “The Canadian”, 13 cars arrives Ottawa. Saturday, August 28, 1965
1402,1909,1429 – 280753, 3003, 4706, UGANDA, 509, 122, 125, CHATEAU LEVIS,
Consist courtesy Doug Phillips

Waterton Park brings up the rear on this dark and rainy day at Mile 14.2 Carleton Place Sub.

Note: In the background is Bradley's General Store at 1518 Main Street built circa 1875 as (William) Alexander's hotel it became a general store circa 1919. Later years, it was various other businesses until it was destroyed by fire mid-day Monday, September 9, 2013. Efforts to preserve this historic brick building failed and Ottawa (Stitt(s)ville being part of the city by 2001), approved demolition which happened July 28, 2014.




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