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Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Ltd.

Lamont, AB

Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Ltd. (“AMRT”) is being developed by a group of experienced rail operators and private investors that include:

R.K. Heggie Grain Ltd. founder and operator of Transmark – multi-modal rail transfer and storage facility near Lethbridge.

Dominion Railway Services Ltd. provides railways and Canadian rail shippers with industrial and yard track design solutions, network capacity and operational planning, and operating practice expertise and support.

Northern Plains Rail Systems owns and operates the Northern Plains Railroad – a successful regional railroad in western Minnesota and North Dakota, and provides third party rail services such as car repair, locomotive repair, track construction, and operational consulting.

Construction on the facility began in August 2016. It was opened fully November 28, 2017.

A major expansion was announced in January 2021 to add capacity (40,000 feet of track) for an additional 460 cars storage. A new connecting track to CP's Willingdon Subdivision. Ability to handle CN and CP unit trains of 8,500 feet. NEW 2021

Alberta Midland Railway Terminal Ltd. (AMRT) has completed construction of its rail logistics center, which is located in Lamont, Alberta, on CN's Prairie North Line between Edmonton and Winnipeg.

The terminal is designed to store up to 850 rail cars on 16 tracks totalling 48,000 feet plus 12,000 feet of track for interchange with CN, switching, and temporary storage, and a small car repair area.

Its location is close to regional customers that ship liquefied petroleum gas, petroleum products and plastics by rail, according to an AMRT press release.

In addition to car storage, AMRT will offer multi-commodity transloading services from truck to rail.

Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services — a member of the Northern Plains Rail Cos. — is the terminal's rail operator.

"Our storage, switching, transloading, car-repair services and further land development opportunity has great potential to unlock value for shippers in the Edmonton region," said AMRT President and Chief Executive Officer Darcy Heggie. "We look forward to the potential of developing additional partnerships as we open our facility for service."

NPR 1695 first day traffic received. November 1, 2017

Big power! NPR 5643 transferred 2018 (ex JLCX 5643 nee CP 5643) SD40-2 EMD 72657-15 11/1972
8/04/2018 Matt Watson

Northern Plains Railroad
Fordville, ND

Began January 1997 operating leased SOO Line trackage
(now totalling 388 miles) in North Dakota and Minneapolis.


Mohall and Mohall Central
(Ex BNSF nee GN and NP)
Operated by Northern Plains Railroad

US operation using ex Canadian units.

CHS Lake Region Grain Coop
Devils Lake, North Dakota. July 19, 2018

1695 enroute NPR 10/16/2010

NPR 1695 Fordville, ND 7/23/2011

1695 assigned AMRT 6/2017

1695 Thunder Bay May 5, 2001
Upgraded Ogden 1/29/1986
Note: 10/1994 repaired with rear portion of long hood off QNSL 165 GMD A944 6/1956.
Resulted in unit having two 36" radiator fans and one 48" original.
Retired 4/22/2009 Sold 8/2010 NPR

CP 8839 Coquitlam May 1, 1976
GP9 GMD A1730 8/1959

Note: 8839 built with 567D prime mover 1800 HP.
Last of 15 unit order 8825-8839 7-8/1959 Only GP9's 26L air brake.
Grand total 200 CP GP9 units. .

Northern Plains Rail Services

NPR 1410 acq. 2016 (nee CN 1003) GMD1 GMD A1423 8/1958

Freshly painted at shop Lansford, ND. July 2018. Ready for lease!

Note: 1406 (nee 1064) also acquired 2017.


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