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Carol Mine Railway

(Iron Ore Company of Canada)

A 5.7 mile long non-common carrier railway connects Canada's largest iron ore mine and concentrator with the QNS&L at Labrador City. It was the world's first fully automated railway.

Brookville Equipment

BL14EDC locomotives feature two heavy-duty pantographs equipped with ice cutting strips to remove buildup from the 2300VAC overhead catenary. The 1350-horsepower DC locomotives include newly-built frames and weigh 130 tons, measure 13 ft., 2 in. high, excluding the pantograph, 10 ft., 2-3/4 in. wide over handrails, and 45 ft. long. Additionally, the four-axle BL14EDC is equipped with a 4500-watt, 240VAC heater to provide sufficient capacity in the extreme operating climates. The locomotives will operate at a speed of 35 MPH and are geared for a maximum speed of 65 MPH.

BMEX 520 BL14EDC enroute from Brookville Equipment.
Falls Creek Jct., PA 10/14/2020
Joanthon Eau Claire

BMEX 520 in new paint scheme at Brookville's shop in Brookville, PA.

Note: Following a planned trial period this locomotive was returned to Brookville
at which time it received the new current paint scheme and was returned to Labrador.

BMEX 521 fresh out of the factory! Enroute on CN at Mile 50 Halton Sub. 11/30/2022 Bill Purdy

BMEX 523 enroute eastbound on CN at Cobourg, ON is the last unit of the order.
1/16/2023 Dennis Wu


Two views of IOOC 431509 last of nine 1200 hp SW1200MG (motor generator) 2300 volt electric locomotives.
GMD A2560 10/1971 At GMD plant rebuilt 9/1973 follow a wreck. Al Howlett

That is an Algoma Central SD40-2 one of six units.

CTG 2019

IOOC 431505 GMD A1949 4/1963 Carol Lake 1964




Bowater Newfoundland
42" gauge

Bowaters 4, 25-ton GE 29358 4/1948 Cornerbrook 9/10/1977

Sold 1977 Pinafore Park Ry. 3

Re-sold 3/1997 Portage Flyer, Huntsville, ON

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