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Glencore Canada
Sudbury Integrated Nickle Operations
(a.k.a. Sudbury INO)

Formerly, GlencoreXstrata, Xstrata; acquired May 2013 by Glencore.
Originally, Falconbridge Nickle Mines

Falconbridge, ON

DESX 1127 ex CN 1127 GMD1 1200 hp GMD A1447 10/1958 Sudbury 8/2/2010 Gregory L. Smith

Note: One of several units sold in 1998 to Southern Marine Equipment, Greenville, MS to Taylor Group.
Some were short term leased to INCO then stored at NRE-Alco and resold.
1127 and 1910 leased to Glencore in Falconbridge.

DESX 1910 (ex CN 1910) GMD-1 1200 hp GMD A1584 12/1958
Briefly at Glencorexstrata, Falconbridge in 2013.
Then short-term leased to Tembec, Kapuskasing replacing GP7 168.
It returned to Glencore.



DESX 107 leased to GlencoreXstrata, Falconbridge.
80-tonner GE 31841 4/1953 Nee Falconbridge Nickle Mines 107
10/23/2013 Sudbury Ken Reiss


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