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500 James Street South,
St.Marys, ON

AERIAL view of extensive plant trackage.

NOTE: This site was previously occupied by Hayes-Dana, Chassis Division.

MVPX 904 (ex RSCX 373 Republic Steel) SW900 EMD 22548 9/1956
Enroute at Riverdale, IL 3/09/ 2018

Leased to A&R Transport at Morris, IL March 2018, then in storage on BRC by June 2021.
Sold to Lambton Diesel Specialists November 2021, becoming LDSX 904 January 2022.
Leased 2022 to Roslin Enterprises, St.Marys, ON.

Need photo of LDSX 904 in Roslin paint.

Prefer at St.Marys inc. with some rolling stock and/or background.


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