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Abitibi Power and Paper Co. Ltd.
Island Falls

Abitibi built a paper mill and power generating plant on the Abitibi River at Island Falls, some 43 miles north of Cochrane and at the end of a 3 mile spur line over which Abitibi operated a local freight and passenger service using a unique custom built self-propelled rail car. Passengers and small shipments could be handled on the shuttle runs to and from Abitibi and the ONR trains. The first ONR train left Cochrane for Island Falls Junction on November 1, 1923.

Abitibi Rail Car No.5 meets an ONR passenger train at Island Falls (Jct.), March 16, 1965. Collection of Frank Vollhardt
Built by Westminster Iron Works in BC, it was 45 feet long, weighed 29 tons, powered by a 150 HP Cummins diesel engine, rated at 10,000 t.e. with 4 speeds and a 40 mph maximum. It replaced an earlier rail car no. 2 of unknown detail.

Ontario Northland's Polar Bear, northbound at Island Falls, August 26, 1963. R. D. Tennant Jr.
Note the unique arrangement of passenger windows and side doors.

Rail Car No. 5 with mixed train, interchanging freight at Island Falls Jct. August 1962. Frank Vollhardt Collection


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