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Bunge Canada

Formerly (2004), CanAmera Foods.

Bunge #Nil (ex CanAmera #Nil) 45-tonner. Hamilton July 19, 2013 Ryan Gaynor

Note the second coupler beneath the regular one.

NECR 3840 and RLK 3873 shove 5 cars back towards SOR Stuart Street Yard. August 25, 2013 Ryan Gaynor

Both units SOR are GP38's. 3840 has a history with Rail America NECR 3840 nee PC 7904 EMD 36993 3/1971
3873 has a history with Railink ex MacKenzie Northern 3873, ex TOR 2000 (Trans-Ontario/Ottawa Valley)
nee MEC 258. EMD 32667 1/1966.

Southern Ontario was originally RaiLink (1997) then Rail America, and 2012 Genesee & Wyoming.

The 45-tonner is used by Bunge on a daily basis at their meal loading shed. The Bunge meal yard is double ended. SOR places cars in the yard from the east end and their engine pulls the cars from the west end into the loading shed and then shoves the cars back into another track in the meal yard for SOR to grab. The engine never would have cars on it's west end, so I guess they never fixed/replaced the coupler. Bunge has always had a car mover at the meal plant, but it's used on the old oil siding, or when the car puller breaks down on the Bay Side. Car movers have always been in use at the Edible Oil Facility (formerly, CanAmera Foods) since it was opened. Lance Brown

CanAmera Foods No# (acq. c.1990) GE 45-ton #28462 5/1946
Originally; Sidbec-Feruni DE1, 1972 became Sidbec-Dosco 458.
9/1977 sold thru URS (D) to ASEA Industries, (became ABB Canada) Varennes, QC

Close up, August 17, 1996 Gord Strathdee

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