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Century Coal

(Canada Steamship Lines)


This strange looking locomotive was converted from a steam 0-4-0T dinky into a diesel dinky. The internal combustion engine was placed over the rear axle and its cooling rads faced aft. It sat on that visible framework which was anchored onto the loco sideframes. The transmission was at the mid point and there was a chain drive that went down to connect with the old axles. You can see the chain in the rear view. The original cylinders were left intact to provide weight to counterbalance the motor. The saddle tank was divided into 2 parts. The front part contained the diesel fuel (and you can see where it has seeped through cracks at the edges). It also housed the air cylinders. The rear half was reduced to a shell which just served as a cover for the engine. The cab was now elevated to a central 'pulpit'. There you have it; a camelback diesel.
Midland, August 17, 1957 two photographs Robert J. Sandusky


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