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General Electric Canada

Formerly: Canadian General Electric


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Same old unit, un-numbered and unlettered 50-tonner. April 7, 2013 Eric May
acq. 6/1976 (ex Western Electric 3, Newark, NJ) #32404 3/1956

309927 ex CP depressed center flat 54' 5" built 1930 April 7, 2013 Eric May
Also on site for intraplant service is a 4 axle depressed flat and a standard 40 foot flat.

CGEX 10001 four truck depressed flat car.

No. 1 in the vast Peterborough plant. Note diamond. Jim Parker Collection

CGE No.1 GE 23-ton #13002 1/1941 Acq. 4/1946 nee Canadian Car & Munitions 2.
Peterborough, September 7, 1974 Al Howlett

CGE no# GE 50-ton acq. 6/1976 (ex Western Electric 3, Newark, NJ) #32404 3/1956
Peterboro, April 29/1979 Gord Strathdee

Total Apparatus Service, Burlington.

CGE no# GE 23-ton #13002 1/1941 transfered 11/1976 from CGE Peterborough.
Burlington, February 26,1982 Gord Strathdee

CGE Davenport Works, Toronto

Formerly; Canada Foundry.


CGE 25-tonner at work in the late 1950's. Don McCartney

Note the special coupler connector for very sharp curves.
CGE no# GE 25-ton #29226 12/1947 Ben Mills

Following closure of the Daveport Works this unit was stored for many years until bought by Andrew Merrilees (D)
following which it went to Canadian Ingersoll Rand in Sherbrooke, Quebec. In 2002 it went to Atlas Steel in Welland.


GE Erie 20-ton B (4 wheel) 200 volt battery-electric type LSB 2C20A4 #11353 9/20. Toronto 1937.
J. D. (Jack) Knowles Scrapped 5/1949.

5 ton self-propelled crane. Davenport Works March 1963 Jim Little

off location

Un-identified GE 23-tonner (possibly #13003 3/1941) at CLN Industries (D) Capreol,ON.
July 1998 Bryant Barbour



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