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Courtaulds Canada Ltd.
Cornwall, Ontario

Courtaulds (1923-1983) operated a rayon textile mill that employed nearly 3,000 people. Beginning in 1932 the mill did their own switching to relieve the Cornwall Street Railway Light & Power Co. from having to do this work. Their electric loco was maintained by CSRL&P which interchanged with the CNR, CPR & NYC. Plant closed 1994.

26 acq. 1932 (ex CSRL&P 26) without number applied. Baldwin-Westinghouse 1899.
7/4/1948 William Bailey/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Plow attached to rear of 26 now with number applied below "rayon". 1948
Omer Lavallee/Joseph Testagrose Collection

26 along Water Street. Note ship at far left. Charles DeRochie/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Shawinigan Water & Power Co. 1 Built 1901 by Montreal Street Ry. 27.5 ton 200 hp 550V DC two pole
August 11, 1901 Hydro-Quebec archives

1902 became Shawinigan Falls Terminal Ry. 1. Retired 1908 with power change to AC. Sold 1912 NS&T 7 Retired 1928. Sold 1932 Cornwall Street Railway, Light & Power Co. 7. Sold 1946 Courtalds. Retired 11/1959 and donated to CRHA.

Courtalds 7 displayed at Exporail 9/10/2011 Simon Darvill

Courtaulds No # (acq. 9/1971) Plymouth ML6 20-ton #4140 4/1941 June 3, 1983 Gord Strathdee
Ex Telephone City Sand and Gravel No#, ex Massey Ferguson, ex Cockshutt Plow, all in Brantford.
Nee U S Army 7679.

Courtaulds 7096 not repainted. S-2 Alco 76939 8/1949 One of three (7096-7098) Alco units USA owned.
Acq. 2/1984 IREX 7096 (Industrial Railway Equipment = US subsidiary Andrew Merrilees Ltd.)
Note that CPR had modernized unit with roller bearing trucks off S-3.
Cornwall February 24, 1987 Fred Clark



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