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The Hearn Group

Don Hearn & Sons Trucking had a contract to bag soda ash for Allied Chemical
at the LaSalle Packaging & Warehousing Ltd. in Amherstburg.

Begun in 1966 this company expanded into various divisions known as The Hearn Group.

By January 2006 it had been acquired by ThyssenKrupp of German steel fame.
La Salle became Honeywell ASCa Inc. The transloading operation ended following the
January 2005 bankruptcy of General Chemical.

200, ex ETR 101 acq. 2/1988, nee Canadian Car & Munitions 5. MLW S1 #69824 12/1941.
April 1988. Joseph Lemay

300 ex ETR 103 (acq. 8/1988) S-3 660 hp MLW #77282 1952 Amhertsburg 8/22/2008

317 (ex AKMD 317) acq. 6/2006 Alco S-3 1953 Amherstburg 8/22/2008
ex Mid-State Construction & Materials, Butterfield, Ark.

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