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Glencore Canada

Previously, Xstrata Copper Canada

Formerly, Kidd Creek div.of Falconbridge Ltd., Kidd Creek Mines Ltd.,
Texas Gulf Canada Inc., Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. Inc.

Kidd Mine aerial
Timmins, ON

On April 16th. 1964, as a result of its extensive exploration activities in the Canadian Shield, Texas Gulf announced the discovery of a zinc-copper-silver ore body in Kidd Township, 15 miles north of Timmins, Ontario. It was given the name
Kidd Creek Mine. It required a 16-mile spur to be built from the ONR mainline at Hoyle where the concentrator was located. Daily, six 18-car trains would be operated over two shifts from the mine to the concentrator using branchline RS-23 1000 HP diesels built by MLW. Later, in 1976, two full-size GMD GP38-2 road switchers were added.

In addition to the open-pit mine and concentrator, a zinc plant costing over $70 million, was built next to the concentrator and began shipping zinc metal on May 1, 1972. Designed to produce 120,000 tons of zinc metal per year as well as 1,000,000 pounds of cadmium annually. Later, an underground mine, crushing plant and ore-transfer system was added, bringing employment to about 1500.

Late in 1980, the newly expanded mine became Kidd Creek Mines Ltd. a subsidiary of Canada Development Corp. (Government of Canada) subsidiary, as part of an elaborate multi-national restructuring whereby Societe Nationale Elf Aquitaine of France acquired control of Texasgulf Metals Co. a unit of Texasgulf Inc. of Stamford, Conn.

December 31, 1985, Kidd Creek Mines Ltd. was acquired by Falconbridge Ltd. for $615 Million, with CDC ending up with 20% of Falconbridge and Kidd Creek's 40% interest in the Allan potash mine operated by Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan.

Late in August 2006 Falconbridge was taken over by Swiss mining giant Xstrata creating Xstrata Copper Canada to run the properties acquired. Unfortunately, major change soon came about as both the copper and zinc operations were closed down May 1, 2010 with the loss of 670 jobs (plus, about 200 contractors) with only 100 jobs remaining.

GLENCORE Canada took over ownership May 2013 continuing at a much reduced pace as ore fades out.
Planned closure in 2022. NOTE: Their Matagami, QC (acquired 1963) zinc mine closed 6/23/2022.

NREX 1684 leased 3/2008 (ex BNSF 1684 ex ATSF 2299) GP9u EMD 21568 5/1956 Rebuilt ATSF 2/1980

NREX 1283 leased 11/2005 (ex CP 1283 ex UP 1220 nee 1846) EMD 4133-22 4/1953
Replaced by NREX 1684. Blue Island, IL 6/18/2018

Xstrata Copper 055 fresh from overhaul (Feb.12/2010) at NRE_Alco in Capreol. ONR Cochrane Mike Robin

Texas Gulf Sulphur, Kidd Creek Mine 051. MLW M3457-01 7/1966.
Brand new, Timmins, July 27, 1966. Frank Vollhardt

One of three RS-23's built new for Texas Gulf Sulphur's operation near Timmins.

Kidd 051 August 21, 1990 Doug Boyd

Falconbridge Ltd, Kidd Creek Division 052 Timmins August 19, 1991 Ian Platt

Kidd Creek Mines Ltd. 053, Kidd, March 19, 1985 Frank Vollhardt

Texasgulf Canada 054 GP38-2 GMD A3493 10/1976
Kidd, 8/15/1979 A. Miller/Frank Vollhardt Collection

One of two full-size road switchers added in 1976 to handle increased traffic.

Unlettered 055 at Kidd, 4/13/1988 J. Mc.Neil/Frank Vollhardt Collection

Repainted 055 at ONR Cochrane enroute back to Timmins from repairs. March 2003 Mike Robin

Rolling Stock

TGS gallery

Flanger 100060 acq. 7/1966 (ex Genesee & Wyoming) Porter Loco Works. 7/16/1966 Frank Vollhardt

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