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Lake Erie Works

Formerly; US Steel Canada, Lake Erie Steel Co. Ltd. (STELCO)

Haldimand formerly, Nanticoke, ON

FWDX 0002 TP70 100 ton 475 HP Tractive Power built by Curry Rail Services, Holidaysburg, PA 12/2015
Moving DIT (Dead In Transit) to Kinder Morgan North Vancouver. Altoona 12/31/2015 Lance R. Myers

Arrived Lake Erie Works 10/2021 PHOTO WANTED REWARD

Lake Erie Works 455 (ex Stelco 87) Remote controlled. SW900 137 ton GMD A1827 1/1960
Moving as NREX 412 on the way back from NRE-Alco in Capreol from overhaul and repaint.
Brantford 7/20/2012 Robert Smith

MVPX 456 ex Lake Erie Works (US Steel Canada) sold 2/2016.
Ex VIA 201 acq. 1987 (ex Inland Steel, East Chicago, IN 115)
SW1001 EMD 32395 11/1966.

Sarnia 6/03/2016 Note: Current whereabouts unknown.

SELX 93 (ex Stelco, Hamilton) SW900 (1000 hp) ballasted to 137 tons GMD A2210 10/1967
Note the newly installed air hose for train line air something steel mill diesels all lacked.
Moving from Hamilton to Nanticoke. Brantford, December 13, 2010 Joseph Bishop

Lake Erie Steel Co. Ltd. 458, Nanticoke. GMD SW900 A576 2/1954 Peter's Trains

ex Donohue, Inc.1 ex Ontario Paper Co. OPC-1, Thorold, nee CN 7212

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