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Lambton Diesel Specialists Inc.


Provides diesel locomotive maintenance for various industries in Sarnia area as well as shortlines in Ontario.

SOR 1359 (ex CN 1359) long out of service, still stored in Hamilton January 21,2012 after sale to LDS.
It would become CCGX 1006. GMD A1844 4/1960

Enroute to new switching contract at Terrace Bay. Schreiber April 4, 2013

ex SOR 1201 ex TOR 1335, CANX 1335 nee CN 1335 SW1200RS GMD A1572 12/1958
Enroute to Sarnia at Hamilton October 12, 2008 Joe Zika

LDSX 0179 (ex SOR 1285, ex CANX 1285 nee CN 1285) SW1200RS GMD A1181 10/1957 July 30, 2009 Steve Host
The unusual numbering of this unit follows the equally unusual number of another SW1200 they own (see below).

A very rough looking 0178 acq. 2/2003 ex AAM (D) nee CN 1218 SW1200RS GMD A759 5/1956
Sarnia December 2003 Shaun Hinz
Note: Merrilees changed trucks making this a straight SW1200
Unit had long been leased to Petromont (formerly, Union Carbide) in Montreal.

Big improvement in looks! On loan to Dow Chemical while LDS was repairing their 1007. December 2005 Shaun Hinz

LDSX 8620 SW8 in new paint scheme. See old view below. Later, Royal Polymers 8620.

Note: Replacement power for industrial units maintained by LDS.

8620 acq. 1997 (ex CR/PC/NYC 8620) SW8 EMD #16195 2/1953. Sarnia, April 25, 1999 Gord Strathdee

Sarnia. January 2006 Gordon Strathdee

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