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Limestone Quarries Ltd.
Division of King Paving and Materials Ltd.

Main quarry, Uhthoff was served by both CN and CP. Yards at Milliken (CN) and Scarborough Pit Spur, (West Hill) CP.

King also owned Flintkote Co. of Canada. In 1986 became a division of Nelson Aggregate Co.

LINK to many photos of the Uhthoff quarry.

3-6902 at Uhthoff May 17, 1976

Limestone Quarries 3-6902 GMD 800 HP GMDH1 A1811 9/1959 & 5/1961
Uhthoff, October 16/1977 Gord Strathdee

Acq. 10/1973 through S.G.Paikin (D) as PSPX 85 ex ERCO nee GMD demo 800.
Sold 9/1978 it became Raritan River Steel Co. 3, Perth Amboy, N.J.,
Sold 1/1981 to Hudson Bay Oil & Gas 3, Kaybob, Alberta.
Became AMOCO Canada Petroleum Co.
Later 2000 became SemCAMS.

See below: Different paint job, same diesel!

Limestone Quarries 3-6901 (ex 10) Acq. 1969. Unique in Canada, Whitcomb 65 ton 65DE17A #60635 3/1945
(ex Canada Cement, Havelock 3/1957. ex American Steel Foundry East St.Louis Works 5 nee USArmy ?)
Uhthoff, October 29, 1978. Gord Strathdee


SF-1 3-6908 acq. 7/1978 (ex CP 6534) MLW S3 #81079 3/1955. Uhthoff, July 2/1979. Gord Strathdee
Note unique low clearance cab, modified by CPR at John Street Roundhouse, Toronto.
Numbered SF-1 by CPR for Steve Farkas, Limestone Quarries manager!


Limestone Quarries 3-6910 nee 4, (delivered new 2/1952 as Limestone Products,
which became Limestone Quarries 2/1952).

CLC-Whitcomb 50-ton 380 hp Hercules #2637 7/1950 acq. new 2/1952.
Milliken, June 27,1981. Gord Strathdee

Old Time Trains Digital Archives/digital restoration: Gordon Kennedy

Limestone Quarries div.of Nelson Aggregate Co. Same Whitcomb as above.
Milliken, March 14, 1987. Gord Strathdee

Here it is again, at the stillborn Prince Edward County (tourist) Railway in Trenton, Apr. 5/2000 Gord Strathdee

Flintkote, Limestone Quarries 3-6912 GE Schenectady, 25-ton #27500 2/1944.
West Hill, June 27, 1981 Gord Strathdee

Ex LQ at Uhthoff, ex HEPC, Mountain Chute. nee U.S.Army 7768, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Denver, CO.

Nelson Aggregate Co. 07010 same GE as above.
Scarborough (West Hill, ON)

Flintkote Company of Canada no#, acq. 4/1958 GE 25-ton #30987 7/1951
Paris, August 23, 1981. Gord Strathdee

(Converted by CLC to standard gauge.)
nee USAFX 1951, Ernest Harmon Air Force Base, Stephenville, Newfoundland, (42" gauge).
Sold 10/1964, Nelson Crushed Stone 4, Burlington. Re-acquired 1968. Re# 07020

Nelson Aggregate Co. no # same GE as above. Oak Park (Paris) March 16, 1985. Gord Strathdee

Here it is again! This time for sale at H. Broer (D) Aylmer. July 16, 1994. Gord Strathdee


LINK to many photos of the Uhthoff quarry.


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