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General Motors of Canada

Formerly (1969), The Mc.Kinnon Industries Ltd.

St. Catharines


GM 47074 Plant 2 St. Catharines 2/22/1977 A.W.Mooney

The largest malleable and grey iron foundry in the British Commonwealth opened in 1952. It closed in 1995.

General Motors of Canada Ltd. 47074 GMD SW900 A2175 7/1666
St.Catharines, June 13, 1982 Gord Strathdee

Formerly, The Mc.Kinnon Industries Ltd. Became Dofasco 416.

The Mc.Kinnon Industries Ltd. 10, Merritton. Acq. 5/1951
(ex EMD 10, Plant 2, Chicago, nee EM demo 1134)
EMC Model 40 44-ton #1134 8/1940. February 1951 R. F. Corley

Became DEVCO 20 after short lease to LASCO by A. A. Merrilees (D)

2128, acq. 10/1963 GMDH-3 C 275 hp 38 ton A1813 1/1960 Peter Cox

This unique one-of-a-kind diesel hydraulic was built as demonstrator unit GMD 275.
Its wheel arrangement could be designated as C since all three axles were powered.
No one bought the design. It was preserved.

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