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Oxy Vinyls Canada Inc.
(Formerly, Geon, originally, B. F. Gooderich)

Oxy Vinyls, LP ("OxyVinyls"), is a joint venture company between Occidental Chemical Corporation
("OxyChem") and The PolyOne Corporation ("PolyOne"), formerly The Geon Company

Aerial view of Oxy Vinyls plant View of PolyOne plant

LTEX 1001 switching the plant. 2/15/2017

HBIX 9359 EMD SW1200 Hamilton February 8, 2015 Dan Tweedle

HBI 9359 switching. March 28, 2011 Craig Allen

LTEX Rail 1001 EMD SW1000 September 23, 2014 Dan Tweedle

#NIL (ex Geon #nil 3rd. acq. 1994 nee Cyanamid Canada 104) GE 65-ton #30805 10/1950
Leased from H. Broer Inc. (Dealer) May 2004 Paul Duncan

HBI 9359, EMD SW1200 #24137 11/1957.
Port Robinson 12/12/2001 Bruce Mercer

Leased from H. Broer Inc. (Dealer), ex CR 9359, ex PC 9055, nee PRR 7905

Note: Sure looks black however, it is actually executive green (almost black) as painted by Altoona shops.


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