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Steetley Dolomite

Formerly, Dolomite Refractories, Ltd.


25-tonner with gondola of dolomite containers.

Quarry near Mile 4 CNR Dundas Sub. opposite Canada Crushed Stone loadout.

There was also a TH&B (H&D) spur into this location at one time.

View taken from out the open end of the CCSL conveyor belt over the CN Dundas Sub.

This shows not only the Dolomite Refractories Ltd. but also the track lead into Dundas which ran down Hatt Street
and connected to TH&B Waterford Sub just west of Aberdeen Yard. Note the TH&B boxcar proof that the TH&B
did have a physical connection to the CN here, as the Dolomite line went up to the Dundas Sub at mile 3.9 or so.

Sydenham Road in background.


Four photos; November 28, 1979 Arnold W. Mooney

Westbound CN #425 9507_9411_9501_2108 with a long string of TOFC up front climbs the grade at mile 4.4 Dundas Subdivision. 4/05/1988 Arnold W. Mooney

The remnants of old Canada Crushed Stone operation can be seen on the hillside. (This business shut down around 1974). Abandoned CCS loadout structure in the background was approximately opposite Steetley. A siding on the south side is still in, CN Maintenance of Way used this track frequently. In the lower level, the lead to the old Steetley dolomite operations (as well as one time a TH&B connection) was taken up in October 1985. That is Sydenham Rd. bridge in the background.

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