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U.S. Steel Canada was finally acquired June 30, 2017 by
Bedrock Industries, L.P. of Miami, FL becoming Stelco Holdings Inc.
Thus once again it became Stelco in Hamilton and Nanticoke.

DESX 90 behind RLK 4001 and RLHH 2081 entering Stelco Lake Erie Works.
From its appearance Hamilton Works 90 looks like it just came back from
Diesel Electric Services in Sudbury and is moving under their reporting marks.
SW900 (ballasted to 137 tons, normal 115 tons). GMD A2078 1/1965
6/06/2019 Glen Cherry

U.S. Steel Canada

Subsidiary of U.S.Steel Co.

Acquired in 2007 following 2004 creditor protection status of Stelco.

In 2014 creditor protection was once again sought, now by U.S. Steel Canada.

84 SW900 GMD A1824 11/1959 Hamilton January 3, 2014 Jay Brooks

85 SW900 GMD A1825 12/1959

Shown here moving as NREX 412 going to Hamilton after overhaul at NRE-Alco. Capreol 10/22/2011 Tim Ball

US Steel 85, originally at STELCO Hilton Works in Hamilton. Later transferred to Lake Erie Steel Co. Nanticoke.
US Steel Lake Erie Works 85 moving as NREX 412 for convenience as most industrial units do not have reporting marks.
This is the second use of the number for moving a dead industrial unit. Former Dofasco 412 moved previously.
CN Mac Millan Yard July 20, 2010 Joe Zika

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