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SOPOR owns rail and port facility including rail barge slip in Baie-Comeau
which is isolated from outside rail lines.

Aerial view of Port of Baie-Comeau, QC

COGEMA is the opposite shore ferry terminal.

Predecessor: Canada & Gulf Terminal Brief history.


Current photo (at SOPOR) of this newely acquired unit.

Nee LV 319 GP38-2 EMD 7386-6 11/1972



SOPOR 4998 loading Georges-Alexandre Lebel ferry. 6/28/2018

STQ passenger and vehicle ferry F.-A. Gauthier dockside connects same two ports.
Built in Italy it replaced (July 2015) smaller old ferry MV Camille-Marcoux after 40 years.
It is the first LNG ferry in North America. Carries 800 passengers and 180 vehicles.

Port of Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada. More precisely, this is the Alcoa plant yard, where huge aluminum ingots are loaded on flat cars. The biggest bars, such as the two loaded on the left of the flat car (ICG 978880) , weight each about 39600 lbs / 19.8 tons / 18 metric tonnes. Interestingly, there is no line linking Baie-Comeau to any other place. The rail cars are ferried south though the Saint Laurent to Matane, QC. First, SOPOR shunts the cars on a big ferry boat, then the ferry crosses the St Laurent, and after that the cars are hauled by the CFMG - Matapedia Railway, a subsidiary of CN Rail - to the CN main line. August 16, 2013 Jean-Marc Frybourg

SOPOR 4998 acq. 2008 (ex GTW 4998 CV 4998 CV 5801 nee GTW 5801) GP38AC EMD 37930 11/1971
Switching barge slip. 8/13/2012 Larry Russell

Sopor 7004 is loading the train ferry with wood, paper and aluminum from the local industries in Baie Comeau.
The Ferry makes a daily round trip from Baie Comeau to Mont Joli. You can see the ferry leans severely depending
on which side is loaded first. Two photos: March 16, 2007 Rod Bushway

7004 acq. 2000 (ex CN 7004 GP9RM PSC 3/1985) GP9 GMD A840 5/1956

7004 loading COGEMA car ferry Georges-Alexandre Lebel August 12, 2005 Marc Giard

SOPOR 6055 GP8 ex QUNO 6055, CR 5404:2nd, 5724, 5943. GP7 EL 1217 nee ERIE 1217. EMD 12011 12/1950

SOPOR 22 Acq. 6/1979 ex R&S 22 RS-3 MLW 81185 4/1955

SOPOR 22 with a nice new paint scheme. August 14, 1986 Roger Lalonde

Quebec North Shore Paper

Quebec North Shore Paper 22 (acq.6/1979) ex Roberval & Saguenay 22 RS-2 MLW #81185 4/1955
Baie Comeau July 13, 1984 Pierre Fournier

Subsequent owner

YDHR 22 Acq. /6/2001



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