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Noranda Mines Ltd.
Noranda, Quebec

Incorporated 1921 by Nova Scotia prospector Edmund H. Horne following discovery of gold in the area. Two years later copper was discovered. In 1926 a crushing plant and smelter were built along with a mine town opposite the existing town of Rouyn. The property was first equipped with a 250 volt electric plant railway, later increased to 600V. Rouyn Mines Railway was incorporated in 1925 to build a private line out to the CNR at Taschereau. T&NO subsidiary Nipissing Central also built a line to Noranda. The Horne mine closed in 1976 but the smelter remained in use handling ore from other area mines. Electric operation ended c.1987. Diesels continue in use to the present time (2005).

No.7 20-ton 190 HP Atlas Car & Mfg. Co. #1775 1928 August 22, 1969 David M. More
Built for Horne Copper Corp. as 72HP battery/electric with trolley pole.
Identical No.8 Atlas #1794 1928 displayed since 1987 on Noranda's property.

No.15 electric 33 ton 260 HP BLW #16996 9/1899 August 22, 1969 David M. More
This piece of equipment has a very interesting history. It was built in 1899 for Metropolitan Ry. as their (only loco) number 1, which in 1904 became the Metropolitan Division of the Toronto and York Radial Ry. It was rebuilt in 1911. T&YR was taken over January 12, 1927 by the Toronto Transportation Commission #1. Stored in 1935, it was sold to Noranda 11/1938.
It is most likely the plow equipment was added by Noranda since T&YR had plows including two double-ended rotaries!


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