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Port of Montreal

Previously; National Harbours Board

CP 118 (Edmonton IMS-Hochelaga) makes its way along the waterfront. September 6, 2013

Aerial photograph of the port area circa 1975.
Montreal Harbour/Collection of R.L.Kennedy

8403-2009 with a long cut of container cars.

Port of Montreal 7601 SW1001 EMD #758024-1 7/1976 3/11/2007 Marc Caya
One of two units ordered from GMD and built by EMD due to small order for this model
only four of which were sold in Canada. The other two were for Saskatchewan Power in Coronach, SK.

Green flags are just a decoration.

Port of Montreal 8403 and 2008. 8403 MP15AC GMD A4423 9/1984 one of four units and 2008 ex GTW 4137
EMD #24967 11/1958 one of three slugs rebuilt 2000 from ex GTW GP9's. August 14, 2009 Marc Caya

This rear view of 8405 clearly shows the POM logo, a stylized ship and the letter M.
MP15AC GMD A4425 9/1984 Old Montreal 3/04/2012

8406 enroute from GMD plant in London.

Note: 8403-8406 all retired following arrival of new genset units.
Sold to GATX Rail and became GMTX 306, 304, 307 and 305.

Slug 2007 rebuilt 2000 from GP9 ex GTW 4434 with 1001 first genset unit. 3/04/2012 Michael Berry
Note the raised headlights.

POM 1001 newest thing in motive power, Rail Power genset locomotive. RP20BD 2000 hp (Deutz 3 x 667 hp) 133 tons.
Built 10/2010 at Juniata Shops, Altoona PA. nee GP9 NP 298. Enroute at Enola 10/10/10 James Kerr

1002 enroute as RPRX 1002 at CN Taschereau diesel shop in Montreal. 5/12/2013

RPRX 1004 enroute at CPR St.Luc 7/108/2012 Last of four RP20BD genset units. All are short end forward.
Compare cab style with yard switcher center cab door to road switcher style of 2001.

Subsequent owners

GMTX_307 (ex POM 8405) MP15AC "mother" on CN 399 Brantford 6/23/2013.

Note: GATX Rail purchased 8403-8406 re# 306, 304, 307 and 305.





National Harbours Board
Railway Department

Facts and figures as of April 1975.
67 miles of track with three interchange points CNR and CPR.
500-700 cars on hand and 85,000 handled per year.
Summer: 8 switch crews spread on basis on 7 days, 24 hours.
Winter: 5 switch crews.

Aerial photograph of the port area circa 1975.
Montreal Harbour/Collection of R.L.Kennedy

D1 GE 44-ton 380 hp 28489 4/1946 Notre Dame Street in background. E.Modler/R.S.Ritchie Collection

Port of Montreal D2 1002 MLW S3 660 HP #77641 5/1951 Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, June 30, 1998
One of eight built new in 1951 to dieselize National Harbours Board, Montreal. Gordon J. Strathdee

D4 switching with another S3 doing likewise. June 1970

NHB D6 S-3 660 HP one of eight units built 1951 (D-2 to D-9) MLW 77753 1951
Montreal 9/27/1963 Peter Cox

Montreal Locomotive Works was located on National Harbours Board trackage.

D9 S-3 MLW 77756 10/1951 Montreal 1971

In the background is the Bonsecours Market opened 1847 as a public market until 1963.
Declared a National Historic Site in 6/1940 it remains in use for various commercial purposes
Located on Saint Paul Street East in Old Montreal.

1004 ex D4 a one-of-a-kind modification of standard MLW S3 styled to look like a ship!
Note the ship funnel over exhaust stack. MLW 77643 7/1951 one of 8 units.

Quebec City

AAM No.3 acq. 12/1969 ex NHB No.3 (Quebec City) GE 80-tonner 31867 9/1953 West Toronto
Re-sold 10/1970 Sysco 7.



Note: In 1982 NHB became Canada Ports Corporation



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