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Thurso and Nation Valley
(non-common carrier railway)
Thurso Pulp and Paper


Fall 1970 visit by Phil Mason

TNVR 9_8_11_?? inside shop.

Business Car

Crane 579 with 12

Here she comes!

Not a regular passenger or mixed train! Rare excursion.
TNVR 12 acq. 5/1970 (Ex 6 ex CN 36 ex 1536 nee 7810:2nd) 70-ton GE 30616 4/1950

TNVR 12 with empty log flats 113 and 124.
Still displaying old number 6 on end of cab and 12 in illuminated number boards

TNVR 6 25-ton GE 29046 9/1947

At "Camp 7", this small locomotive was used to switch cars.
The trains were loaded and unloaded using a rail mounted crane (above).


Former Thurso & Nation Valley 10 re# 5132 (nee Singer Manufacturing 1, Elizabethport NJ) 50-ton GE #28625 9/1946
Beautifully restored in operating condition by the Bytown Railway Society.
Shown 2003 at the Canada Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa along with restored CP 436436 wooden caboose.

Thurso Pulp & Paper 5133 ex 11 (acq. 5/1970 ex CNR 29) GE 70-tonner #30609 3/1950 Thurso June 18, 1988
Gordon J. Strathdee Still at successor Fraser Papers in Thurso.

Thurso & Nation Valley 10 GE 50 ton Thurso September 1979 Bob Heathorn

T.N.V.R. 11 acq. 4/1970 (ex CNR 36) GE 70-tonner 30609 3/1950 Thurso September 18, 1981 Bob Heathorn

T.N.V.R. 12 acq. 5/1970 (ex CNR 36) GE 70 tonner 30616 4/1950 Bob Heathorn

Thurso 13 (acq. 11/1981) GE 70-tonner #28239 10/1946 Thurso June 18, 1988 Gordon J. Strathdee

A lot of history here! This was the second 70-tonner built. It spent years working for various Pinsly shortlines in the US before coming to the Thurso & Nation Valley, a non-common carrier railway of the Singer Manfacturing Co. in Quebec. It was re-engined in 1983 with a Cummins diesel. Sold in 1990 to Don Broadbear for use on tourist railway Port Stanley Terminal Rail as PSTR L4. In 1994 it was leased to Babcox & Wilcox in Cambridge (Galt), where it still remains in use.


T&NV steam logging train


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