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Standard Paving & Materials Ltd.

Standard Paving 101, 0-6-0T GTR (PSC) #1270 9/1894 National Archives PA207363 Colin J. Churcher Collection

This locomotive has a long and interesting history. "Has", because it still exists! Built in the Point St. Charles (Montreal) shops of the Grand Trunk Railway in September 1894 as number 247 it was re-numbered numerous times, finally as 7105 being sold 8/28 to Consolidated Sand & Gravel Ltd. 7105, Paris, which in 1929 became a subsidiary of Standard Paving & Materials Ltd. of Toronto.

In 1942 it was rebuilt by CLC and sold to Standard Paving Ltd. 101. It was used on the Alaska Highway construction in northern British Columbia, probably at the end of the Northern Alberta Ry. In 1944 it received boiler work at Waterous Ltd. in Brantford and was transferred to CS&G at Paris Pit as Standard Paving 101. In 1946 to went to Fuller Pit 101 (near Belleville). This was formerly Fuller Sand & Gravel Co. which became part of CS&G in 1930.

CS&G 7105 at Paris, May 1932. Bud Laws Collection

In 1952 Fuller Pit was closed and the engine was sold to the CNR, who restored it as CNR 247 for their Museum Train which travelled around Canada. Finally, in June 1967 it went to the National Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa, (now the Canada Science & Technology Museum).

Canada Science and Technology Museum 670003.

Note: CS&G 102 was ex GTR 7119. Others of this type were also sold to other industries.


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