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British Columbia Railway

BC Rail

1875 still with the Expo 86 logo years afterwards. N.Vancouver November 1987 Mark Forseille

1874 with a different style paint scheme. N.Vancouver October 21, 1987 Mark Forseille

BCOL 1873 now owned by CN (small letters on cupola) mid-train at Ardrossan, AB 4/22/2011 Steve Arnot

BCOL 1800 Pemberton 8/1990 Clayton Langstaff

BCOL 1840 Lillooet 7/25/1986


Work equipment

Rail grinder. Later, following sale of BC Rail it was sold to its builder and dismantled for parts.

Water tank car and caboose 1801.


BCOL 996004 snow plow and ........

BCOL 991981 tank car plus BCOL 1803 caboose. Lillooet 7/25/1986





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