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McDonald's fast food restaurants had the largest
number of retired railway cabooses of any business.
They were used for many years as children's birthday party rooms.
Eventually they fell out of favour and were disposed of, often scrapped.
What is most interesting is the wide variety of paint schemes and names.
This is completely contrary to standard corporate practice of branding.

RMCX 001 (ex CN 78323 CN-NSC 12/1941)
Niagara St. (Hwy 58) Welland, ON June 1995 Mr. E. Gagnon.

GTW 79062 Ancienne-Lorette, QC 8/1999 Pierre Fournier

CN unknown number. Cowansville, QC. April 7, 2003

CN not known number. Saint John, NB c.2009 Jeremy MacPherson

Note: Sold 11/2009 Smoking Pig BBQ, Quispamsis, NB


Don Mc.Queens Gallery

Ex CN 75896 on Highway 3 in Leamington, ON. 9/15/1985
In 1994 it was relocated to Colasanti's Tropical Gardens, Ruthven. ON. (Photo: 3/12/1996).

CN 78546 in a really fancy paint scheme! Ontario Street East, Stratford,ON April 1,1994

Note: Relocated here in 1993 from McDonald's 431 Highland Rd. West in Kitchener, ON.

CN 78568 in yet another paint scheme. Goreway and Derry Roads, Malton March 12, 1988.
Note: Body relocated c.1990 to private owner (farm) 3974 Carriage Rd. Delaware, ON

CN 78581 in a heritage style paint scheme. Note who is looking at you from the cupola!
1015 10th Street West, Owen Sound. Chris Martin/Don McQueen collection. 3/19/1990

Relocated 4/2002 Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum 1155 1st Avenue W.
with other rolling stock and former CNR station.

CN 78743 at 3695 Lougheed Highway, Lougheed Mall, Vancouver.
12/22/1990 Stafford Swain/Don McQueen collection

2010 relocated Yaletown BIA Mainland Street and Nelson Street.
Historic Yaletown area includes former CPR Drake Street roundhouse and 4-4-0 374.

CN 78853 at St.Clair Ave. Chatham, ON 8/18/1985

"CP 434020" is actually ex CN 78651! Why the disguise? This is in a CPR town and the van number
was that of a CPR conductor. Highways 9 & 10 Orangeville, 8/24/1994

Relocated 2006 to private property in Ruskview just south of Creemore and repainted as CN 78651.
April 3, 2018 Eric May



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