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Musquodoboit Harbour Museum
and Nova Scotia Tourist Bureau.

7895 Highway 7
Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia

Canadian Government Railways completed the line from Woodside (outside Dartmouth) through Musquodoboit Harbour to Upper Musquodoboit 66.63 miles it was opened July 1, 1916. It would become part of Canadian National Railways (Dartmouth Sub.) with the last passenger (mixed train) service ending in 1960. The entire line was authorized to be abandoned August 28, 1983.

This impresive looking station was built in 1918.
Early years postcard view. Collection of R. L. Kennedy

Note: CPR (DAR) combine 3252 almost hides CN 78801 caboose.
3252 came from the George Warden Museum, Kentville, NS.
Warden was a DAR conductor who created his private railway museum.

CNR 2 acq. 1991 from Bowater Mersey Paper, Liverpool, NS.
ex CN 2/7551/7752 44-ton GE 28350 5/1947 John Bowser



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