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Canadian National Railways

MLW FPA-2 6706-6711 (6 units) and FPB-2 6806-6811 (6 units) 1600 hp 92 mph
Renumbered 6750-6755 and 6850-6855
MLW FPA-4 6760-6793 (34 units) FPB-4 6860-6871 (12 units) 1800 hp 92 mph


6779 in a nice broadside shot that is not what it seems. Here is what it looked like before it was Photoshopped.
MLW 83157 1959

6752 sits on a Spadina shop track among a variety of makes, models and paint schemes including two ONR A units.
Right background is the roundhouse. Left background is TTR John Street tower with it white roof.


CN 6758 shows off the red, white and black paint scheme with the new style CN logo first introduced in 1961.
MLW FPA-2 ex 6755 #79202 4/1954 92 mph r/b MLW 11/1958 with 12-251B 1800hp.
One of four units, two A and two B, upgraded from model 244 1600 hp
Ron Visockis

A-B-A set sits among other covered wagons on the Spadina shop track in downtown Toronto. 9/25/1971
George Hamlin/Joseph Testagrose collection

6785 with 3100 at Stratford. August 1971

6765 (MLW 82274 12/1958) with 6801 (CLC 2856 12/1954) CPB16-5 unique B unit model with B-A1A trucks.

6769 with GMD B unit at west end of Union Station in Toronto.
RDC in the background is at CP's stripping shed in their coach yard.
6/13/1972 Joseph Testagrose collection

This scene of an arriving passenger train at Bathurst Street led by 6770 is interesting for the shadows of the bridge.

Nothing but "Alcos" in this scene at Spadina shop track refueling area. Tempo cars in the background.

6772 trails 6501 a GMD FP9A

Two sides of 6780 on Spadina shop track.

Crowded scene at the refueling dock on Spadina shop track. Tempo cars in background.

Single unit 6783 passing Bathurst Street approaching Union Station.

Very crowded shop tracks at Spadina. Note the ONR A unit with its steam generator popping off.

6786 next to 3154 RS-18 Tempo unit. Note sign for Spring Switch unusual for a shop or yard track.

Crowded shop tracks includes covered wagons, road switchers and Alco yard engines.
White roof of TTR John Street tower in background. September 1971

Covered wagons including an ONR A unit almost hidden, GMD-1's and RDC's all populate Spadina's shop tracks.

6807 FPB2 (4 units 6806-6809) MLW 79213 3/1955
Upgraded MLW 12-251B 1800 HP 10/1958 re# 6851 (also 6855)
Also, upgraded A units 6755, 6751 re# 6758, 6759.




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