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Six RS-18's were modified in 1967 for new Tempo passenger service between Toronto and Windsor/Sarnia featuring a new design of lightweight aluminum passenger cars built by Hawker-Siddeley. These units were re-geared for 92 mph (built with 65 mph instead of the normal 75 mph) and equipped with a Cummins VT12-700 engined HEP system located in an extended shorthood that eliminated the end walkway. Lightweight trucks were replaced with standard trucks. Dual controls eliminated the need to turn the units at the end of their run permitting a quick turnaround. A special bright red and white paint scheme was applied for Tempo service.

3887 still in old paint scheme after modifications. May 1968 Dave Burroughs

Before modifications

3151_3152 with generator car. Note the SS sign marking a Spring Switch. Spadina 8/24/1968
Dave Burroughs

3150 (ex 3850) RS-18 1800 hp MLW #83230 1/1960 Spadina 9/1978 Randy Kotuby

3150 trails GMD GP9 4106 passenger unit westbound by the CNR express shed just west of Union Station.
It was was not common to mix non-Tempo units on these trains due to lack of HEP system.
First car is a specially modified baggage car equipped with Head End Power for extra electrical capacity.

3151-3155 westbound by the weeds! Modern building in the background is the Globe & Mail newspaper on Front St. W.

Two views of a Tempo train arriving with 3151 and 3155.

3152 (ex 3856) Spadina 9/1978 Randy Kotuby

3153 on the Spadina shop track. 10/11/1976 Wayne Schenk/Sam Beck Collection

3154 east of Union Station with what must be a switching move since Tempo trains only operated westward.

The iconic O'Keefe Centre for live performances is on the site of the ancient Great Western station along The Esplanade.
It was somewhat controversial at the time since the funding came from O'Keefe Brewing owned by none other than industrialist E.P.Taylor. Opened October 1, 1960 it was the largest concert hall in North America with 3,155 seats built at a cost of $12 million. The names of the performers in Hollywood musicals and other events at 1 Front Steet East are legend begining with opening night Camelot starring Julie Andrews, Richard Burton and Robert Goulet.

Two views of 3155 passing Bathurst Street bridge.

3155 now at the fueling station on the shop track at Spadina with long-abandoned coal tower at left.




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