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St.Clair Tunnel Company



Built to connect Sarnia with Port Huron replacing car ferry operation.
Construction began in September 1888 with a length of 6205 feet at a cost of $2.7 Million.
It opened to freight trains in October of 1891, and passenger trains December 7, 1891.

Flashlight system on specially equipped train to photograph tunnel interior. 1899

600 0-10-0T specs. and photo credit Later rebuilt with tender. See below.

St.Clair Tunnel Co. 1304 (ex 601) 0-10-0 Decapod with side tanks removed (1898) and tender added.
Cyl. 22" x 28" Drv. 50" Press. 160 lbs. t.e. 58,500 One of four built as 0-10-0T Camelback by Baldwin 1891

Steam engine 1304 at Port Huron tunnel portal.

3000 Volt A.C. electric operation started in 1907 and shut down 9/28/1958.
Electrics replaced steam and diesels replaced electric.

Power plant 1909 article

1308-1307 with train of wooden passenger cars on hand-coloured postcard.
Old Time Trains Collection

1305 and another unit on a very short passenger train. Date stone. Port Huron, Michigan

9175 acq. 3/1927 (ex CSS&SB 505) 71 ton 667 HP Baldwin 43681 7/1916 Sarnia 9/19/1949 Jack Smith
One of two box cabs inc. 9176 nee C,LS&SB 505, 506. All electrics retired 4/1959.


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