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Coal Chutes

Georgetown, South Parry (ex Leaside), Spadina (Toronto), Windsor.
Portage la Prairie.

Abandoned: Aylmer, Washago.

Long-abandoned coal tower built 1944 primarily for Wabash engines using running rights on CNR Cayuga Sub. M.109.

Still standing years after the steam era ended. Washago, ON May 1975 Jim Parker



Coaling plant (originally CNoR Leaside) July 1934
Canadian National/James A. Brown Collection

Looking like a modern day "transformer" toy this monster-like coal tower is believed to have been located in
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.

Coal chutes after the end of the steam era. Demolished 1960. Windsor, ON

Spadina coal tower, long unused. 8/01/1983 Jack Smith



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