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Canadian National Railways

Niagara St.Catharines and Toronto

A ride along the route from Port Colborne to Thorold.
Labour Day Monday, September 7, 1953 John Dziobko

Three views of Car 130 sitting on station track prior to leaving Port Colborne. Lady just boarding car.
Looks like the motorman is inside that small shack possibly talking to the dispatcher.
A single red flag was standard proceedure.

Wooden car 64 seats 58'0" 38 tons Preston Car & Coach 1914 Retired 1954.
Note: This classic wooden interurban car was originally preserved only to fall into neglect and eventually it was scrapped. Unfortunately no NS&T car was preserved.

Stopped at the semaphore signal protecting entry to the main line. Note handlamp on pole.

Looking out from 130 at diamond at Mileage 13.90 Welland Division near Dainsville
. A Wabash F7 powered freight waits out of sight on CNR Cayuga Sub. (see below)

Two semaphore blades displayed at stop signal. White triangle sign warns of railway crossing at grade ahead.

Stopping at Welland meeting with a taxicab. Note the telephone booth and newspaper box.

Approaching Fontill for a meet with southbound car waiting on the main line.
Note the Red & White grocery store. A chain of small owner-operated stores.

A meet with car 82 southbound at Fonthill. Note STOP sign and another at the left.
Steel car, 72 seats 62 feet 40 tons. Built NS&T 1925
Rebuilt NS&T 1956 into Express car 82 to replace Express car 40 (below).

This shot alongside Beaverdams Road near Welland was made with the help of an agreeable Motorman. Try that today!
Note the missing front coupler! Also, lack of tie plates.

Motorman raises pole at end of the run preparing for return trip. Red flag already put up. Scenic location is Thorold station at south end of town where connection is made with CNT buses to Merritton and St.Catharines.

One more view of 130 sitting on the dead-end spur at the station now with passengers on board.
Looks like the motorman standing by the street. What is he doing, having a smoke and perhaps watching for connecting bus.
The now-front pole is still up as well as the red flag.

The setting sun in these two photographs casts a spell on the scene. September 6, 1953
Above is Line car 30 (ex 38) Russell 1918 with Baldwin trucks off Preston passenger car 69 in 1940.
This car had removable plow blades for winter use.

Express car 40 (acq. 1926) ex Cleveland & Eastern 55. 58' 36-tons Barney & Smith 1904 Retired 1954.
Replaced by car 82 (above) after conversion to Express car 82.


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