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Old Time Trains

Canadian National Railways

Niagara St. Catharines and Toronto

Gallery 4

Locomotives and Work Equipment

Bonding car 1 a mere 28 feet 6 inches long! Built NS&T 1927

NStC&T No 7 acq. 1931 ex Shawinigan Falls Terminal 1 built 1900 Montreal Park & Island

NStC&T No. 8 Built NS&T 1924 Sold 1934 Cornwall 8 (2nd).
Note the style of lettering with periods and use of No.
Giovanni Fullin Collection

NStC&T 9 switcher built from flat car. NS&T 1912
Note change of lettering no longer with periods nor small first T and Y and No.
Giovanni Fullin Collection

NStC&T No.11 Giovanni Fullin Collection

NStC&T 12 Baldwin-Westinghouse c.1914 Sold 1930 WE&LS 9 resold 1942 Cornwall 9.
Giovanni Fullin Collection

No. 14 before its 1943 rebuild. 1927 David Mooreman

NS&T 14 with freight train. 40-ton GE 1914 Car 130 on excursion sits in coal yard siding.
Grantham District line St.Catharines 7/04/1953 Jim Shuman

Note the poleman who has to manually change the pole from one wire to another when switching tracks.

NS&T 15 along with work equipment including sweeper 23 and line car in the freight yard. 50-ton NS&T 1925
St.Catharines 7/04/1953 Jim Shuman

15 St.Catharines Joseph Testagrose Collection

16 in St.Catharines. Looks like he is getting off the throw that switch. Joseph Testagrose Collection
Check out all those automobiles! Also, the Supertest service station.

NS&T 17 acq.1926 (ex HEPC Queenston E-9) 400 hp 50-ton NSC 1918 Transferred 1960 to Oshawa Ry.
Welland Avenue shop, St.Catharines 6/26/1957
T.H.Desnoyes/Krambles-Peterson Archive/Joseph Testagrose Collection

18 switching in Niagara Street Yard St.Catharines. Lots of wires!
10-1-1954 Eugene Van Dusen/Joseph Testagrose Collection
Note the yellow 10 mph speed restriction sign for the level crossing.

20 with freight in Port Colborne. Ex South Brooklyn 16 acq. 1938 55 ton GE 1914
7/5/1958 Eugene Van Dusen/Joseph Testagrose Collection

20 switching in a siding in Port Colborne. Check out that old 1940's Ford!
7/5/1958 Eugene Van Dusen/Joseph Testagrose Collection

21 acq. 1941 (ex M&SC 327) CLC 1927 Joseph Testagrose Collection

Line Car 30 Welland Avenue yard St.Catharines. 7/16/1950 Eugene Van Dusen/Joseph Testagrose Collection

Line car 30 (ex 38) Russell 1918 with Baldwin trucks off Preston passenger car 69 in 1940.
This car had removable plow blades for winter use.






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