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Work equipment

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138-29 track motor car and trailer loaded on a highway trailer!


56193 flanger fresh out of the shops according to stencil below car number H-Q 9.40
Rouses Point Jct. NY December 24, 1940 Bud Laws Collection

56205 last of small group of flangers converted by CN. June 20,1980 Humboldt, SK Bill Grandin
Closeup of markers.

56288 flanger

56381 This rather odd looking piece of equipment is a flanger. Front truck coil springs and rear truck leaf springs!
Note: Scroll down to see 56483 another one!
Prince George, BC August 2, 1981

56392 additional photo angles

56453 flanger. Caption missing 9/1978

56483 flanger waiting scrapping along with other equipment marked D (destroy).


Snow plows etc.

Plowing on the Gravelbourg Sub. in 1947

Old wooden plow sold to non-common carrier Western Dominion Coal Mines.

55351 (acq. 2006) Eastern Car 1928. Rocky Mountain Rail Society. Big Valley, AB. 11/26/2014.


55402 Port Mann, BC 9/30/1975 J.Fischer


55551 Caption missing. 9/1978

CN 55499

55702 snow melter at work in Turcot yard 1952. Kevin Day Collection

55348 rotary snow plow with tender 51157. Kamloops Junction October 17, 1940. Bud Laws Collection

55361 steam rotary and tender. CC&F 6/1919 Preserved 4/1965 CRHA Delson.

CN 50983 spreader. Leaside (Toronto Terminals) C.1950's Jim Parker

Two snow plows 55397 and 55357 await the call to duty.

55501 double track plow. Brockville, ON 3/12/1988

55699 rare double ended plow used where no wye available at end of subdivision. Built 1939 Weight 71100.
Charlestown PEI 6/4/1976 Paul Mc Grane Collection


56385 used for inspection of communications wires.

70754 communications inspection car for railway telegraph and telephone wires.
Another unknown car likely for company supplies. ENLARGE

50639 Dominion (Bridge) steam pile driver with steam generator unit and former steam locomotive tender.

46194 reefer for OCS ice service, Transportation Dept. St. Lawrence Region.
Used to ship blocks of ice used for drinking water on locomotives and in vans.


Small tank car for diesel fuel used in maintenace of way equipment. Ed Freeman

CN 52189 weed spray. Leaside shop. (Toronto Terminals) C.1905's Jim Parker


The Pas Auxiliary 78175

70882 Engineman's Bunk



43033 Supply & Generator


78338 Toronto Auxiliary

Preserved: WDM_N_Battleford.htm

79184 CN's first steel van reassigned to work service (note paint colour) on Moncton Auxiliary.

CN 50387 auxiliary crane. Edmonton April 4, 1976 Bob Hadlow/Bob Heathorn Collection

Auxiliary Cable Car 59328. Converted 9/1956 from oil-electric self-propelled car 15844.
Preserved at Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Sulphur Springs Station (replica).
Also, ex CP 3 Business Car both used by hikers etc.

Note the derail set for through movement. This was required by CPR before ex TH&B Waterford Sub.
was abandoned due to downgrade.and had to be set for derail position. Note now end of track (left rail).

Digital restoration Walter Pfefferle

60023 converted from self-propelled car number unknown.

Auxiliary Cable Car 60026. Converted 1960 from Self-Propelled car 15832.

Auxiliary Cable Car 60027. Converted 1960 from self-propelled car 15836

Digital restoration; Walter Pfefferle

CN 69685 Foreman's boarding car. Mimico Yard (Toronto Terminals) c.1950's Jim Parker

72414 Engineer's Bunk car. "Home Sweet Home" New Westminster, BC 6/13/1976

74579 Maintainence of Way. Vancouver 8/22/1977

59017 assigned to 2 auxiliary cook & diner Praire Region

CN 50139 American Hoist & Derrick Co. diesel-electric crane at Hamilton in the 1950's. Jim Parker
CNR constable eyes the photographer!


CN 52284 converted covered hopper ore car's more normal length allows for normal handling.
Two photos 5/29/2008 Brantford.

52257 restricted handling required. Maximum 30 mph. Do not hump, etc.

52108 scale test car. 9/30/1975 Port Mann, BC J.Fischer

50515 Lidgerwood (winch) Prince Rupert, BC August 28, 1958
Built by Lidgerwood Manufacturing Co., New York City.

These powerful winches were used by railways and contractors to build and maintain tracks. They were powered by steam from the locomotive and were quite powerful dragging a plow through several gondolas of ballast. They were always simply called a "Lidgerwood" since the manufacturer's name was painted on the side and it was an easier way to identify it.


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